Monday, February 1, 2016

Custom Captain Karlaen- Converted Blood Angel Terminator Captain

So I finished my 1HourANight (check out that facebook group! Well worth it) January commitment. I had to get the terminators I shared last week done and a Captain. Well here is the Captain!

So I just don't like the Karlaen model that much and I had planned this guy some time back (he is mostly metal!). I converted him from a METAL Marneus Calgar (torso) and METAL Grey Knight Terminator (legs). The arms are normal SM Assault Terminator Arms, the shield is from Chapter House Studios and the BA shoulder is a Forge World shoulderpad.

All details are freehanded. Based the banner off the 1st company banner in the BA terminator assault squad box. Put the skull in the middle of the shield to represent the 1st Company logo.
This squad will be at Adepticon in the team tournament, so if you are going to be there, maybe they will be there to break you!