Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 In Review - 2016 To Do

Well 2015 has come and gone. While the year itself may have been meh worldwide, at Sepulchre of Heroes it was pretty good
My best model of 2015.
This year I...
-Had 114 posts, my second most ever, and most since 2009
-My best month ever (November) with over 25,000 page views!
-Got invited to start doing guest posts on Spikey Bits!
-Became an admin for the largest BFG community on Facebook.
-Finished everything Imperial in the ASC 2.0 for BFG
-Expanded to Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Pinterest (all linked in the right columns over there -->)
-Got Mandalorian Armour (still finishing the last bits)
-Backed a couple cool kickstarters, all of which funded
-Got more gaming done in the first half of the year than I did in 2014
-Got more painting done than I did in 2014 and 2013, including my awesome Fire Raptor Gunship!
-Entered Gothicomp Finally!

SO what is planned for 2016?

Well for one ADEPTICON!!! That is right, I will be there! I will be playing in the Team Tournament, the standard 40k Zone Mortalis games, and Necromunda by Night, as well as trying out the Pike & Shotte ECW game and a Fire Storm Armada beginners game (that is right, I am super into BFG and have never done FSA... I know.) I really REALLY wanted to do the BFG and the Blood Bowl, but they are on the same days as the 40k team tournament, so I unfortunately they are a no. I hope to go to Chaos Cup in 2018 though (if I get stationed where I want to after here) and to Adepticon again in 2017, so we shall see.

Speaking of Adepticon here is what I need to pain in time for it!
6 Tactical Marines (optional)
5 Assault Terminators
3 Dreadnaughts
8 Enforcers
2 Hired Guns

I hope to finish the Enforcers, Terminators and a Dreadnought this month! Should be easy from there if I can do it. If I manage to, I will then try and get a Samurai model done for Crystal Brush.

After I finish everything I need to for Adepticon though, I will start tackling this goal list

-4 Death Company
-Land Raider
-2x28mm French Napoleonic Battalions
-28mm French Dragoons
-16 Mounted Samurai
-30 Dismounted Samurai
-BFG Imperial Fleet (including Gothicomp)
-At least 1 Blood Bowl Team I have
-My Imperial Thunderbolt
-The Lizardmen Starter set I just bought...

As well, I hope to get a 6mm French Napoleonic Army and paint that. I really REALLY want to do this. I am eyeing Baccus miniatures.

As a whole I will probably do alot more historical stuff this year. But don't worry 40k stuff will still keep coming. I will get bored of certain things and come back to them. I will likely do alot more crazy projects for my Blood Angels rather than useful stuff. Things like Jetbikes, Rotor Cannons and a 10 man plasma squad (I know that sounds like 30k, but I don't play and don't have anyone in the area to play).
I have this guy to do for Adepticon as well!
I may also try and participate in the 6 month metal mountain reduction next time they start it to cut down on my back log.

Other goals
- Post at least 100 times. If I can make it by October (10 times a month) then I should go for the ALL TIME RECORD (over 124). Try and get at least 3 a month to Spikey Bits.
-GAME. I really haven't since moving to California. A combination of Family, Grad-work and a poor local scene IMO. Just too hard to get up to Santa Cruz on a regular basis. Fortunately one of my best friends and an Eldar player is moving here early spring, so this should happen.
- Finish my Mandalorian armour. As well I preordered THIS. It was that or a Titan, and I made a judgement call about priorities.  501st Legion here I come.
- Play more BB2 online. I haven't done enough lately.
- Learn how to airbrush better. I have one and have barely used it. I don't have a good setup and have to go outside. As such it is really just a basecoating tool right now. Unfortunately this goal may have to wait until 2017 after I move again :(
-Finish Chaos, Orks and Eldar for the ASC 2.0!
-And if I can manage to get it cheap, maybe start slowly building a Lizardman army for 9th Age or 8th Ed WHFB
What I preordered as mentioned above.
I have been avoiding picking up new games as a whole, so no X-wing or Halo Fleet Battles (unfortunately). Though Team Yankee MAY get looked into. BUT I really REALLY want to do that 6mm French Army, and with Specialist Games coming back, I may just get "New Games" anyway in the form of games I already have!

Well there you have it. Now to go paint a Terminator.