Thursday, December 31, 2015

Battlefleet Gothic Additional Ships Compendium 2.0: Major Update! All Imperial Factions 100% Completed.

I promised I would have it to you by the New Year, and so I deliver. The latest draft of the ASC 2.0, 100% Imperial Complete. Chaos is next!

This update saw 5 SM, 1 INQ, 4 RT and the Navis Mercantilis added since the last one, among other minor corrections. Totals to date: 56 Vessels, 5 Fleet Lists, and the modular Navis Mercantilis. Tons of heavily researched fluff and a lot of cool pictures. 30324 words, averaging to 467.14 words per page so far (including all the picture pages)

Some example pages!

For those who don't know, the ASC 2.0 (Additional Ships Compendium 2.0) is a list of expanded vessels for use with BFG:Revised (and subsequent "BFG:2015" project) Fleet Lists. These are intended for fun and friendly play and are not official. If you wish to play in the context of unmodified BFG, you may have to do some basic stat/point changes.

You can learn more of all of these projects, as well as find other resources for them here

AND as always, feed back is most welcome! Please be constructive with it though, and remember, these are extra ships for fun!