Sunday, March 1, 2015

WIP Weekend: Big Box MDF Terrain, FW Fire Raptor, FW Typhon

This weekend has been overall productive hobby wise. In addition to all the WIP to follow, I got to play a game of Space Hulk AND I am playing a game of 40k this afternoon (thus why I built all the terrain!!). And I did all the WIP while watchin VIKINGS Season Two (Highly recommend you watch the show if you haven't seen it. Better than GoT IMOHO).

So First off I got this in:

It is a GREAT book. The only problems I have with it are
1- Does not have some of the SM Super Heavies. This is because they came out afterwards I know, but it still stinks and I can't imagine it is too hard to add a 2-3 pages with each print run.
2- Storm Eagles are not accessible by Blood Angels. At least the FAQ allows Fire Raptors, but still the "flyer ban" on BA is annoying. Originally when only they had the Storm Raven it made sense, but now that they are not the only ones, they should have all of them too.
3- No Furioso Contemptor. Fortunately this is other books I have, BUT it should still be in there because otherwise none of the contemptor variants are usable by BA. Space Wolves also suffer in this regard.

 Now for the WIPs
These are the MDF buildings by Angry Mojo Games from their Big Box Terrain Kickstarter. I did an unboxing a few weeks ago you can check out too. All the links to Angry Mojo are in that post.
They were really easy to assemble. I didn't need the instructions (like every man ever) and they are very sturdy (I dropped one of the 3 story buildings on the tile floor and nothing happened).

Now for the Forge World Stuff. All I did is base coat them with the last of my Foundation Paint Mechrite Red (and some Lahmian Medium to restore them, worked great).

I can't wait to use these on the Battlefield.