Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reinvention of my Imperial Guard: Genswick to Macharian Crusade

Hello all and happy New Year! This week I have been painting some Blood Angel Assault Marines and hope to share them with you soon. Theya re coming along pretty nicely. I think next I will be moving onto some Death Company for painting, but that is yet to be seen. I don't have to much time before I am at sea again and then you'll all have to unfortuately wait untill I get back. Only 6 months untill I am stateside though, so that should all pick up!

Anyways onto what the post is truly about! So I read Angel of Fire by William King a few months ago, and it was a really really good read. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I look forward to the rest of the series (I think it is going to be a trilogy). The fact it was not from Lord Solar's perspective, but rather a group of unlikely heroes that survived the destruction of their Baneblade is pretty cool and well done. It allows Macharius to remain larger than life.
Lord Solar Alexander the Great... I mean Macharius
Well that book got me thinking about the Macharian Crusade campaign book done by Bell of Lost Souls (that is a download) a while back, you know, this thing:

Well in there, they feature Dave Taylor's awesome Genswick, off which I am modeling my own Genswick.

Well since I am also doing Savlar Chem Dogs for my Penal Legionaires (though not mentioned in the campaign book) and I loved Angel of Fire AND Genswick served under Macharius, I firgured "Why not make my Genswick part of the greatest crusade since The Great Crusade?"

So what does this mean? Well for one, I have bough Macharius' model, and I am going to make him a custom little retinue, maybe even the guys from Angel of Fire. As well I will do Inquisitor Drake from Angel of Fire. As well, I can make my tanks part of the crusade force by making them from the same world as the Armoured regiments that fought at Karsk (I forget the name off the top of my head, but just need to check the book when it comes time to paint).

But I what will also be cool, and allow me to thematically fit in a Valkyrie or Vendetta is to do Merican Fusilier Stormtroopers. I also still have DKK Grenadiers, which were Crusade forces, but I am not sure I will keep or sell those. I'd like to do the Mericans more as it will be more fun and mroe impressive IMO.

And if I ever get to do it, an Elysian army would be great to fit in alongside these guys as they were in the same army group as the Genswick (along with boring Cadians).

So that is the direction that is going. Just wanted to do a quick update on that. You know, instead of painting Death Company, I should do a quick squad of Genswick (so much faster to paint than Marines) or Savlar and share them.