Saturday, January 19, 2013

Genswick IG (Forge World) Heavy Mortars

So I got a little tired of painting this week, so I assembled these guys I had sitting around. A critical part of my Genswick army project. A really nice distraction and productive as well. I feel like these are more a set of dioramas than models. I tried to link them all with the extended comm network set-up. If you look, the cables run from one to the other when set up in the correct order and angle. Oh, and there is alot of glue and frosting on the base because of these cables. If it isn't bent perfectly, they can be a pain to force flat.

These are just Forge World Heavy Mortars with a whole bunch of Leman Russ stuff added to it. tarps, packs, shovels, pick axes etc. etc. The comms are normal LR comms and one from the Apocalypse command upgrade sprue. The cables are guitar string. As well, I Genswicked them up by hanging a chain with sheild from the Brettonian Men-at-arms command sprue on the front of each one.

Each just has the minimum crew of 3. If I ever want to add crew (max of 5 per gun), I am going to do two horse mounted crew with a towing yoke between them to make it appear as if they were horse drawn into position. I think that this would be very strong thematically and would be good for display, even if I never use the extra crew. I WILL be using these though. I think Artillery pieces are greatly under-rated, especially in 6th ed, and for 50 pts a pop, a S6 AP4 ordnance blast isn't bad, especially since it doesn't require LOS. With boots on the ground being the single most important thing in 6th ed. these mortars will effectively wipe average infantry off the table.

Anyway, enjoy the pretty pictures.