Monday, December 17, 2012

HUMOUR: "Converted" Necron Flyers (and 300th Post Thank You!)

Probably the shortest post I will ever do, but I got a kick out of these "converted" Necron Flyers.

I think the one on the left is a Night Scythe and the one on the right is a Doom Scythe.
I expect to see these entered in Golden Demon at the next French Gamesday, that is if they make it past the mid-game snack.

EDIT: WOAH, this is my 300th post! That is amazing. Well, I don't plan on stopping any time soon, and I only have a few more months in Japan, so there should be an escalation in the number and quality of posts in 2013 (assuming we all survive past Friday, thanks for that one Mayans). I started this blog 4 years ago, and it has been great. Here is to another great 4 years and I hope I can continue to provide quality hobby related material for all my readers. Thank you everyone for stopping by and listening to my mad rants and rumblings and complimenting me on my work. Some special shout outs to Ron from FTW (really gave me my start with the FTW network), the BOLS guys for keeping my blog on the blogroll while I am on deployment and not posting (allows me to get right back on the horse when I am back) and some cool guys like Admiral Drax, Soviet Space, Mordian 7th and my other truely dedicated readers/commenters (at 0130 I can't remember your names, if I do later, I will try to retro add them. Sorry!). As well, thankyou to my friend Discordian for contributing so much and ranting so well! And thank you Schlemazal and Mesdoram for continuing to talk 40k to me, despite a continent and ocean between us. Last, but certantly not least, thanks to my Beautiful wife, Mrs. Gothmog, for putting up with this crazy hobby of mine and my obsession with it.