Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 Goal Status, Looking towards 2013

So 2012 is nearly over, and possibly the world with it if the Mayans have it their way, but this isn't a cosmic burger king, so I think the world will go on.
Most likely explanation IMO
2012 has seen ALOT for me. I am a dad now! I have a 3 month old son and he is AWESOME. Backtracking on that thought, that meant for the first 9 months of 2012 I had a pregnant wife. Career wise I have been underway somewhere around 6-7 months this year. I got my Officer of the Deck qual back in march, my Surface Warfare Officer qualification in June and I promote to LTJG in less than a week! I have traveled all over (Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Guam, Phillipines, Okinawa and all over Japan). It has just been crazy.

In all that time, I have had very little time for Warhammer as you can imagine. Plus I have nbo one to play, and that makes motivation tough to work on models, especially painting as I have no one nagging me. But I haven't forgotten about it and I look forward the work I will be doing this month.

So lets see how I did against my Hobby Goals for 2012.

1- Finish painting/basing my 2000 pt Blood Angels Army.
STATUS- INCOMPLETE: I have made progress but not nearly enough, for all the above reasons. Plus 6th ed really shook this up as I wasn't sure what to paint. And my Sanguinary Guard really slowed me down. They took forever and were tough. This inport period. is dedicated to an Assault Squad and Terminators though. And what awesome terminators they are. Tomorrow I will have some WIPs up. I have actually been working on painting 10 marines this week and I am about 30% done with them. This will eb a great leap forward if I get them done. Goal date by 18 dec (1 more week).

2- Finish buying/building my Genswick army to accommodate all list variants.
STATUS- 85~90% Complete- This would be more complete had I not changed some aspects of the project, such as my plan for strom troopers. However, I am close to owning everything and just need to put a few things together. Work on my Thunderbolt also stepped in the way of this one, but with 6th ed, that may yet become a vital piece (as well expect a WIP update on this this week). As a break/distraction from BA I have 2 half done Savlar that I will finish and post up. Test schemes. As well, I have a cool idea/update to do about this army in the near future. Lets just say I was inspired by the book Angel of Fire.

3- Start posting tutorials online.
STATUS- INCOMPLETE: I do have one planned between now and January however. A Freehand Banner Tutorial. I WILL paint my second company banner. I will I will I will. Overall I am sorry on this one as it benefits the reader the most. The first paragraph really explains why this didn't happen.

4- Continue expanding my Terrain collection.
STATUS- 50% Complete- So I have more terrain then I had in the past. But I virtually had none in the past. I also need to paint/flock what I have. I also want to get some GW plastic buildings, but that is more of a money issue and will happen in due course.

5- Resume some of the old blog series I did.
STATUS- INCOMPLETE: In all honesty I doubt I do ressurect these dinosaurs. The only one really worth saving IMO is the Free Missions. As I get more into 6th ed, this is more likely to happen, but I really have to familiarize myself with it. And find a place to store them online. The only thing I will likely do more of is book reviews.

6- Try to write a short story for the BL summer submission window.
STATUS- MISSED. Being on the ship really hampers this one. I have some brainstorms and basic outlines but nothing more concrete. Luckily this one can just roll over if I get on with it.

7- Give my Specialist Games forces some love.
STATUS- INCOMPLETE. Really didn't get enough done on the first two, so why move onto this. I will likely break this down into a smaller chunk for 2013. Probably just stick to my blood bowl team (I hope to find/start a league when I get back stateside, which will happen in 2013).

8- Speaking of requiring a little love: My Bretonnians require alot.
STATUS- THEY STILL DO. Yep, nothing here. Move along folks. I am really out of date on the fantasy scene. I will hold onto these guys for now, and would love to get them into a playable force . I know fantasy can be a great game, but I have heard the current edition is GARBAGE. Really I have heard magic is, but that is a huge part of it isn't it. Back burner indefinately for these guys, and if nothing goes on the up and up, maybe Ebay, but lets not hope it comes to that.

OVERALL- I did pretty poorly, BUT in terms of what I was faced with this year, not to shabby I guess. I will sit and think on what I shoudl do for 2013, and likely scale this all back. Expect to see the new goals on the 1st.
I am the ice cube and an entirely painted model collection is the Titanic