Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meet Joe - Discordian

So I recently entered into a 40k 1500 tourney. 1500 points isn’t a normal point level I play so I wanted mix things up and do something little different. I settled on a list with Mordrak and full ghost buddies, two 5 man strikes with psycannons, two psyrifleman dreads, a 10 man interceptor with psybolts and cannons, and one teleporting Dreadknight.

I don’t normally play foot Grey Knights, but it seemed to on paper be able to play towards the objectives of the 3 game I had to play.

One problem....... I didn’t own a Dread Knight…… Also the model looks super dumb with the stupid baby carried Grey Knight strapped to the front.

Super Dumb
But I decided I wanted to give it a try and see what I could do in a week. I ordered the model on a Friday and it arrived on Tuesday, 4 days before the tournament. So I knew it wasn’t going to be painted in time but at least I’d have some time to convert.
Meet Joe
Guess where the cockpit came from?
The round things on the back are the turret housings
from the aegis defense line kit
I used a combination of tubes and Multi-Melta barrels to fill in the
the gap behind the cockpit

I decided to prime him because I can't stand to look at a grey grey knights.

I ended up placing 3rd in a swiss scoring system. Every game had kill points and two other random objective missions all equally scored.
My first opponent was Necrons and he won the role to go first. It was Dawn of war with 6 objectives where 1 randomly disappears on either side turn 3. He won the role and made me go first. This made me realize I was going to have trouble on my hands because my army is weirdly designed to not like that, especially when there’s nothing on the table to react to. I forced a draw on all of the objective missions but he pulled ahead by one kill point at the end of turn 5 where the game ended. I can only take solace in the fact that if it had gone on one more turn I would have gotten three more kill points. But it was a great game and we had a lot of fun playing each other. Best moment,

“I’m starting my turn” me
“Okay” opponent
“Let me START my turn then” me
“You don’t have to raise your voice man” opponent
5 mins later “You where trying to tell me to use the solar flare weren’t you” opponent
“Yep” me

The second game was against Drop pod/DOA blood angels with a single Dev squad. I said I was sorry, got first turn, got warp quake up, killed the Dev squad turn one from combined shooting, waited for his army to show up, and ended up tabling him. His army looked beautiful, but it was a really bad match up for him and it really showed. Best moment was when Dante and his body guard dropped in and tried to Melta my Dread Knight, Joe survived with one wound and proceeded to jump like a big scaredy cat 30” away.

I need to get a actual camera if I want to keep posting pictures.

My last game was against triple battle wagon rollers with a one full squad of lootas. Again thankfully I got first turn. He didn’t really deploy right and I took advantage of it (I did tell him what Mordrak did by the way). I was able to kill the lootas by turn 2 with Mordrak and by spreading out my units was able to pick off all three wagons. The game ended on turn 6 when I was able to storm bolter his last squad into dust. I wasn’t able to score on the second mission because my forces where so spread out, but I was able to get the other 2. Best moment, Mordrak taking a death roller to the face after killing all the lootas.
I didn’t get to play the two guys ahead of me, so either I was lucky or they were.

Here are two of the other armies.

Dead Company

Draigo and toys