Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1500 Mordrak and Friends – Discordian

Playing small point games really isn’t my forte. I actually learned to play 40k through apocalypse, I also learned that Space Marines Players are jerks and will abandon you to face off against an armored company by yourself........ Moving on.

In the near future I plan to enter into a 1500 point tournament. I’m finding Storm Ravens are hard to justify at such low points, so I’ve had to figure out a different way of playing my knights. I haven’t played at this store before and have no info on the rules for the event, so I’m just trying to build well rounded lists.

So far I’ve come up with this approach.....

-5 Halberd Ghosts
Big turn one disruption unit that should soak up a lot of fire. Mordrak also comes with Grand Strategy which lets me adjust my army on the fly.

2X10 Grey Knight Strike Squads
-Justicar MC Hammer
-2 Psycannon, 4 Halberds, 1 Hammer, 2 Dudes
I really like strikes because they are pretty versatile. Can walk across the table, deepstrike or outflank. If not an objective game I can always give re-roll 1s to wound in both shooting and combat, which would make them a far more killy threat. I can also choose to combat squad them if I see the need, either going with equal parts or combat focused and mini Purgation squads.

2 Dreadnoughts
-Twin Twin-Autocannons, Psybolt
Mobile long range support, which can be made scoring

1 Dread Knight
-Personal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator, Great Sword
Big Scary dude that also can put pressure turn one. Has a great anti-cheap infantry weapon and can slice through armor. Moves super fast all the time and super duper fast once per game. Great choice for grand strategy shenanigans.

6-8 kill points, 2-7 scoring units

This list has a lot of odd ways of pushing my opponent, but I fear that it will suffer to pure shooting armies that overwhelm my target priority capabilities. I could drop the noughts for another knight, but I think I need the ability to kill fast movers and cheap transports. I could drop the Knight for another strike squad or another nought, but Id lose a really good target for grand strategy options as well as a big scary dude.

Any suggestions?