Friday, February 10, 2012

Gothmog's 2012 Hobby Goals

I typically don't do the whole New Year's Resolution thing (and after a month it really isn't much of one either). It just doesn't seem like just because one digit changed (which ultimately only manages to inconvenience me for a month as I write the wrong year every time I have to date something) that I should change myself.
BUT I was reading Dave Taylor's page (the man from whom I have shamelessly stolen the concept of Genswick). Well he had a list of promises, so I thought I would shamelessly steal from him again.
I extrapolate that by the time I am 30 I will have way too many models to ever finish.
1- Finish painting/basing my 2000 pt Blood Angels Army. I should have paint here starting Monday, so this shall begin very shortly. I haven't been able to paint for over a year, so this shall be a very nice thing. I really am looking forward to it. And I shall focus on my core list. Extra stuff can come later, as of now I need dedication. And as an FYI I used to have the whole force painted, but stripped it in college and have thrown in new models as well.

2- Finish buying/building my Genswick army to accommodate all list variants. I am actually pretty close, but there are still some critical components missing. Once I am gone building and converting them, I am going to try and apply speed painting techniques to the army (without sacrificing promise number 1). Some Ork Zzap guns are on the way already to be my Lascannons and I am trying to acquire some Kannons for mortars.

3- Start posting tutorials online. I have a few in mind already. And with some quality photography equipment I think I can do this decently. I already sorta did with the Savlar Chem Dogs. But I would like to do a hand painted banner tutorial, likely utilizing the Blood Angel's 2nd Company Banner. I built the model for it last night.

4- Continue expanding my Terrain collection. Typically my group used what was available between us or at the local game store. Now that I am out on my own I need to make sure I have a substantial collection of my own to ensure that I am able to play whenever/where ever I am in the world.

5- Resume some of the old blog series I did. Biggest Bang, Power Units, Free Mission, Evolution of a List, Champions of the Game. I haven't done these in a while, I think they would be a good thing to bring back.

6- Try to write a short story for the BL summer submission window. I have some concepts floating around, and I think I can put one together.

7- Give my Specialist Games forces some love. Just a good sidetrack project when I am mind numb from painting marines or Guard. I have plenty of BFG, AE, a Necromunda squad and a Blood Bowl Team all requiring a little love.

8- Speaking of requiring a little love: My Bretonnians require alot. As here in Japan I really have no fantasy players to through down a game with and I myself only have 1 WHFB army, this is the lowest on the list, but some attention sent their way would be good. More than likely it would be repaints/touch ups of what I have. If I accomplish goals 1 and 2 in 2012, 2013 shall be the year of the Knight.