Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tau - Discordian

So I promised that I'd start making showcase posts for each of my armies. And I figured I'd start off with my first, my mighty fighting space cows with guns, the Tau.

The better of my models

For starters lets take a look at the model that convinced me to start playing tau and 40K itself, the mighty Hammerhead. If anyone ever asks me what the str of a that thing I'm shooting at them is, my usual response it str "Railgun". Its mobile, sleek, hard hitting, and can be loaded with tons of fun technological gadgets. This my friends is what the Tau are all about.... or at least how I feel they should be represented.


Heres my standard HQ, every-bodies favorite 1+ commander, his friends call him Bob (I have a common trend of calling my HQ odd non-threating names). When I first started playing he was a Shas'O but after realizing that I didn't really need the higher ws and +1 attack, he became a Shas'El with a targeting Array. The only thing useful Ive found with having a big O around is the magically leadership 10. Ahhhh the little things most armies take for granted.

His Shit is Custom

My Elites are usually always represented on the table through the simple yet effective Twin-Linked Missile Pods. I just recently converted these two and they are next on my list to become partially painted.

Do yourself a favor keep them simple and keep them cheap, and they wont disappoint

Though every once and awhile I break out my swiss army style stealth suits.

Like Tau Terminators just will....... not

Next Lets take a peak at my troops. Unfortunately these days if I ever need to cut points this is where I start. I like them and their sweet helmets, I just wish I knew what they where hitting half the time.

P.S. those are not their transports

Next is my Pathfinder squads which I recently have taken the option of equipping some with rail rifles. The only part that really pisses me off is the fact I have to say every time I use them "Yes they can shoot at a different target then the squad".

There theirs because they have to buy them.
No joke otherwise they'd have to make them a troop choice or something.
Fuck you 5th edition.

How many people have a fast attack choices made up of Heavy Laser Pointers, these guys.

General Army Composition

For the most part my army usually looks like this.

HQ - Shas'El with a targeting array, attaching any squad I feel needs protecting from first turn shooting

Elites - A squad of Twin-Linked Missile Pods
Elites - A suicide squad armed with meltas, flamers, and a air burster if I can afford it.

Troops - 3 squads of fire warriors of which at least one at full strength

Fast - 2 Pathfinder squads whose transports immediately pick up my troop choices

Heavy - Hammerhead
Heavy - 2 Broadsides with A.S.S. (not joking, that is the upgrade that makes them relentless)
Heavy - 2 Broadsides with A.S.S.

I play around with things here and there, but I usually gravitate back to something that looks like the above, because it has proven pretty reliable for me a all comers list.

My Thoughts on The Whole

Sit back the first couple of turns and then proceed to scream not the face. The best way to play tau is prioritize threats early, hit hard, and do anything and everything possible to slow your opponent from getting where he needs to go (Because if its not you its somewhere you have to be too).

From my experience there are three ways to play tau and one way to not really play the game.

Gun-line - keep it cheap and you'll get a lot of guns, don't plan on moving any of your models....ever.

In a perfect world

Mechanized - if it cant move and shoot, drop it.

Don't look back

Hybrid, the middle ground between the two. Which is often enough where my lists take me. Expect to loss stuff, just make it count while its still table side.

For the Greater Good

Ninja, yeah you heard me. Tau have a huge amount of things that can enter the table from reserves through deep strike and outflank, and they also have a way of stalling the flow so a good majority of the army will show up turn 5 (If your curious look at the Positional Relay). I don't like the style that much because for the most part your not playing the game against your opponent, your just like party crashing way late...... going "hey guys whats going on dudes" ........and all the beer is gone.

What they are good at - Tau specialize in making people walk, break there toys and laugh. Just do it early on or they will walk up to you and ask for your insurance information. Applied pressure, you can put frightening amount of hurt on any unit thats dumb enough to venture close without any support. Crisis suits can specialize to play any role on the battle field, just don't rely on them too much or they end up being a massive points sink.

What they are bad at - Against anything fast tau crumble, they just don't have any tricks to keep them safe from early rushes or anything with special reserve rules. Its hard to have a shooting war with Guard because they honestly have better guns and usually more of them. And against anything with "Foot" in it you have to be very careful with your initial setup and fire lanes or your not going to kill enough of whatever is footing your way.

So thats the Tau, Discordian Style. If you have and comments or critiques start typing.

Next time my very angry Space Elves.

I typed in angry elves and got this little gem