Thursday, February 17, 2011

Grey Knights - Discordian

So Grey Knights, scary boogie men fighters of the Imperial Empire. My forth 40k army acquired through my travels. Fun fluff, sweet gear, and awesome models. Their KNIGHTS with CHAIN FED GRENADE LAUNCHERS, what is not to like.

Like This but more Knighty..... but just as sweet

I never really had a erg to play any of the space marines, but I made a exception for the Grey Knights. Mostly because they're models look really cool as Ive already said. Here are my Grey Knights that are all painted (and save for storm shields they should all be usable).

These guys say BOO to the Boogie men

These guys help

I also liked the the rules for them when I started, the whole str 6, WS 5 and fearless across the army was pretty sweet. Made them feel very elite compared to their brothers in blue.... kind of like SWAT. Unfortunately they where pretty expensive, so I fielded them with a supporting guard platoon and storm troopers. I also had enough storm troopers to field the platoon entirely out of storm troopers. The only things not shown are the heavy weapons and chimeras I borrow from my friend every-time I play.

Can you guess what my response was
to finding out they aren't in the next one?

And here are my Raiders all raiding your land and shit. I made the one one the left able to switch between all the current variants. Which is good becasue I love redeemers and soon I'll be able to play one in normal games.

Vvvrrooomm Vrrroommm
So Whats around the Corner?

So unless you have been under a rock or your actually a sensible gamer and stay away from the ramblings of all the 40k internet chipmunks like myself, you should have seen a lot of what the new Grey Knight codex will include.

I don't want to just copy and paste all the fun facts that have been spreading through the nets so ill point you in a few directions

-Heres a good round-up of everything known

-Here for new things that will be probably be popping out soon

So Heres Are Some of My Thoughts

So grey knights lost str 6, ws 5, and fearless. Instead they now have And Thou Shall Not Know No Fear and power weapons, also preferred enemy daemons and some other shit.

So losing str 6 and ws 5 across the army kind of made me mad. Instead they have PE:daemons and power weapons to change how they interact in close combat. So instead of being Str 6 to help them hurt all kinds of daemons of various toughness they just ramped up hitting. The problem I have with it is that now Grey knights will just be really good at hurting everything tough 4 and armored. Which for the most part is not daemons but just everything else. Str 6 meant they could all take on monstrous creatures and actually cause wounds, now instead you have to struggle to wound things (granted they have power weapons so they will ignore iron hide). There are ways of beefing up the str of the squads through psychic powers, but I feel its just kind of all a excuse to make a marine army entirely made up of power weapons. I will be happy that the army does ignore all this stupid Feel No Pain crap that has been handed out like candy in the last few codexs, just annoyed that it had to be through simply being lazy and handing out power weapons.

As for losing fearless, I cant complain too much. Their marines of course they shouldn't be blindly charging people without regards to tactics. Which is why I like ATSNKF, "hey we should fall back thats gonna hurt, now we regroup and hurt them", "Shit they are shooting us duck", and "lets run... wait their gonna catch us hold your ground then", All this makes sense for a fighting force of super space marines. So I'm pretty happy about that, also as a bonus Grey Knights got combat squads. Sweet.
So units......

Grandmasters are really cool and they add so much versatility to your army through grand strategy, kind of made them a no brainier choice for most armies (also kind of shafting brother captains, who really don't get anything). Also I really like Mordrack because he fights people with his imaginary friends, and most people's imaginary friends aren't a unit of terminators. Theres also Supreme High Lord Commander ........PHD esquire III Draigo who is a total beast of a special character. Stern is also in the book and he kind of has this grumpy old man feel to him, complete with a new power called "GET OFF MY LAWN" (everyone friend/foe make a str check or be removed form play).

Librarians have some pretty sweet powers, I mean really sweet ones. Powers that activate in your opponents turn are incredible. Grey Knight Librarians are like the ultimate utility box for Grey Knights. I can easily see myself fielding these guys.

Inquisitors can get lots of fun toys and are the only way to unlock supporting mooks for grey knights, too bad they really aren't comparable to stormtroopers more like just guardsmen with tons of toys. They also decided to throw in Daemon, Xeno, and Witch hunter versions (somehow Karamazov got lost and he ended up in this book too, I really wonder if SOB will have him too).

Terminators are troops and if you really want two wound versions you can take Draigo, thats his whole thing.

Normal grey knights come in several versions. Base troops with some options, Purfiers that are elite horde killers, Jump pack versions that take up fast attack, and Purgation heavy squads that bring firepower. They also have the options to get rhinos and razorbacks as dedicated transports, who wants to guess how long it will take for grey knight razor spam to catch on. Be prepared, halberds are upgrades for these units .... So GW kind of screwed us there with older models.

Assassins are still in, in all their varying forms with a few new surprises. Vindicares have unlimited ammo for one.

There are also the stormraven and land raider variants are in, complete with psychic powers that can make them immune to shaken and stunned.

Also the codex comes complete with Voltron Defender of the universe (check out the picture of the dreadknight if you don't believe me). Its size is one of the many things that piss me off.

Far left and right side next to the Ravens

I think I bored you enough with this post, so I'll call it a night. But I should be able to get a few more miles worth of posts out of this new GW crack about to hit the streets at some point.
P.S. I'm sad about one thing that didn't come to be in the new dex...