Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eldar - Discordian

Now for a showcase for my angry space elfs.

The Better of My Models
So heres a peak at my Eldar models. Since I took a more elite style of play with my Eldar, I end up usually only fielding very few models. This in result made it much easier for me to approach the army painting wise.

Picture Time

So lets start with the leaders. I was always a fan of the Eye of Terror strike force list and was very tempted to build one when I started out, but edition changes and out-dating kept me from diving into it. But I still like the the tag team that is Eldrad and Maugan, one guy to buff my army and one guy to just be buff.

Eldrad: "That Way"
Maugan: "NO that way"

The main center piece of my army is a full unit of Wraithguard. The only reason I have them is because I got them really cheap from a friend, the idea of actually buying them at price from GW sends shivers through me. With fortune its like pulling teeth trying to get rid of them, just keep them away from heavy hitting assault units.

Ghost Robots and Friend..... I really hope they bring back Iyanna

Banshees are one of my favorite units in the whole codex. They do one thing and they do it very well. And they do it so angry.


So recently I've been playing around with storm guardians as my second primary troop choice. This spot was usually taken up by dire avengers but I wanted something that screwed over people thinking cover saves would like save them. So enter a squad of two flamers and a heavy flamer. Since I've just started using them they are kind of only partially painted, but the next time I feel board they are so gonna get some cleaning up.

Roasting Time

Last part of my army are the parts that ensure my list usually has a lot of speed, in fact other then my ponderous wraiths everything usually has some way of moving 24 in a turn.

Zoom Zoom

Not Wraithlord, he only wishes he could fly

General Army Composition

So Eldar was my second army so for the most part when I started planning out the lists I wanted to field things that made for a different style game. So hq choices that where special, fast, and anything that was beastly at close range. All things that where very not tau.

Heres a glimpse of my 2000 all comers list.

Steve (Eldrad) - Fortune, Fortune.... and I guess doom or something. His mission is to give me rerolls. And he hardly disappoints, although several times he's nearly periled himself to death.

Maugan Ra - He laughs at your pleas for cover saves and walks with wraiths to act as a speed bump.

Banshees - As my friend once put it "They're so angry!". A squad of power weapons that always go first...... awesome. Do not believe that makes them good though, with out without doom support they will usually have a hard time breaking out of a paper bag.

Full Wraithguard - Slowly walking up the field or staying in one place acting as a huge scary walking bubble of our guns will suck you into the warp. Expenive? Yes, but they give me such a huge contrast from my tau almost all my list have them.

Storm Guardians - I needed a reliable way to fight hordes of guys. For awhile it was a squad of dire avengers, but I got tired of people abusing the fuck out of cover saves with hordes of cheap guys. Riding around in their serpent to get where they need to be and if I happened to get doom off on the target they are dps monsters..... unless their target survived then they die.

Guardian Jetbikes - Small, fast, cheap, scoring. When I have about 1/4 of my army invested in a slow moving squad of wraiths, its really nice to have these guys bounce around and pick up the slack.


2 Fire Prisms - My prims are legendary for surviving entire games, ending up with no weapons left, thanks to holofields. Usually they hover around blasting the first two two turns and then late game end up acting as objective contesters.

1 Nightspinner - Personally dubbed the Inconvenience Tank. I don't expect it to kill much but I expect to inconvenience EVERYTHING!

My Thoughts on the Whole

Baring a few 5th edition internal balancing and cost issues its one of the few of the last editions that isn't in a rush to be updated. And this isn't because they where overpowered... maybe a little..... but because all the rules for what its units where supposed to do where included inside the codex and despite all the major changes in 5th most of their units came into the new edition unmolested by concept changes.

Not Done Yet

They can be both offensive and defensive. Usually in unique ways that few other codexs replicate making them feel and play different then most armies. They also have a lot of different units that do different things, which can allow you to mix up your game every once and awhile.

I Feel a few units do show their age more then others. Swooping Hawks, Support Weapons, Vypers come to mind. They have really cool rules but they have to pay for it more then others. I do hope in the next update for them they get a chance to shine again. The support weapons for one should change considering their new model in fact changes how they operate, it dosnt make much sense that a artillery piece rules wise operated by two dudes on foot, now only has one, model wise.
Old and Dusty

New Hotness

Next time I show you my very small Grey Knight force and will probably give a few thoughts on whats about to happen to them.