Sunday, December 12, 2010

2000 Pt Elysian Drop Troop List

HQ- Company Command Squad- 95: Powerfist, Homing Beacon, Officer of the Fleet; Sniper Rifle, Missile Launcher
HQ- Long Range Scanner (5)- 74
Elites- Storm Trooper Squad (10)- 195: 2 x Plasma Gun
Troops- Infantry Platoon
Platoon Command Squad- 65: Power Weapon; Lascutter, Melta-Gun
Infantry Squad- 100: Power Weapon; Melta-Gun, Democharge
Infantry Squad- 95: Power Weapon; Flamer, Democharge
Heavy Weapon Squad- 65: 3 x Mortars
Heavy Weapon Squad- 80: 3 x Heavy Bolters
Heavy Weapon Squad- 95: 3 x Missile Launchers
Special Weapon Squad- 55: 3 x Flamers
Drop Sentinel Squadron (3)- 150: 3 x Multi-Meltas
Troops- Veteran Squad- 146: 3 x Melta-Guns, Lascutter, 7 x Auxiliary Grenade Launchers
Troops- Veteran Squad- 110: Power Weapon; 3 x Flamers, Shotguns
Fast Attack- Tauros Venator Squadron (2)- 130: 2 x Smoke Launchers, Homing Beacon
Fast Attack- Vendetta Squadron (3)- 390
Heavy Support- Vulture Gunship- 155: Twin-Linked Punisher Cannons

Pts: 2000 Scoring Units: 9 KPs: 20
Model Count: 90 Infantry, 4 Fast Skimmers, 3 Walkers, 2 Fast Vehicles (99 models)

If I was to buy an Elysian Army tomorrow, this is what I would run. It uses the Elysian Drop Troop list from IA8: Raid on Kestorel Novem. A wide variety of heavy and special weapons throughout so I can take on mech or horde reasonably well. The army is mostly intended for the close range firefight, and seeing as they all can deep strike I figured that was a good route to go. TBH I keep think a few more melta guns would be nice, but I have to keep reminding myself that the Vendettas have a bunch of lascannons.

The idea is to put the Veterans and either Stormtroopers of Company Command in the Vendettas and use homing beacons to help guide guys onto forward objectives while I drop or march my heavy weapons onto rear objectives.