Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reinvention of my Imperial Guard PART TWO

For some reason, a post I put up in Nov 2009 asking the community to help me decide what direction to take my Imperial Guard force is one of my most popular hits. So thought I would elaborate more on this.

I haven't really put a lot of effort into my guard. Essentially I only use them when Apoc missions go down, and then it is pretty much only the Tanks that roll out (11 Leman Russ and 2 super heavies are no laughing matter).

But I still am struggling to capture what I want with the force. The issue is that the DKK armoured battlegroup list from FW is really hard for me to write a list I want, or at least in 2000 points. Leman Russ are expensive and eat up all the room for the cool things like Death Riders. And there are no ogryns either, which I think are cool too. But I am willing to sacrifice that for the sake of a list that works for me.

Basically because I can't make a list I want to make, I don't know what to buy, and because I don't know what to buy, I don't have an army I like, and so therefor I don't play them.

This got me thinking though. What if I made 2/3 armies using a majority of the same units. Basically use the normal IG and/or Krieg Siege list for smaller games and the DKK armoured battlegroup list for the large games (which I like more anyway).
So what I need to do now is design a theme around Tanks and Infantry. I don't really want to have to buy Chimeras.
I know I need some Centaurs for the DKK parts of the list. I would like to get Deathriders of Krieg, but would consider doing conversions to represent Deathriders/Rough riders.

The thing is I need to come up with some fluff for the Army. Right now I have a majority of Cadian inftantry, a squad of Steel Legion, a squad of Kasrkin, and a squad of Krieg Grenadiers. I would like to get some more Krieg to add to the army, as they look the best IMO.
What I am thinking is a Cityfight style remnant army. Basically, a force of guardsmen from devastated units brought together for common survival.

So now I need to site down with an IG codex and the 2 DKK lists and my collection of Guard. Figure out what I have and need. As well, I will probably shift the colour scheme of my Cadians. Fortunately, only a small number of them are done. Maybe I will leave them the browns and khakis they are amongst a sea of grey/blues to re-enforce the remnants concept.

Also, going to look into vostroyan and catachan models to see if they'd be a good addition.

Expect to see lists forthcoming!