Friday, November 19, 2010

Dark Eldar model review: Beefy Arms

So overall I think the new Dark Eldar models are really really sweet.
They finally look like "Dark" versions of their sissy cousins.

AND they continue reinforcing the Japanese feel/theme of the Eldar image type. Just look at the Mandrakes for the best example. Tell me those pants aren't Japanese. You can't can you. And I am not saying this is a bad thing. The kanji like glyphs of eldar and their back banners in Samurai style are coo, and things like this fit perfectly in and only help reinforce the idea.

BUT there are a few things that are a little rough IMO. Basically, Beefy arms and manly chicks.

Let me start with the Beefy arms: If you look, a bunch of models, including females, have some bulging biceps. Like Catchan bulge. maybe not quite that big. BUT alot bigger than Eldar should be. Especially on chicks, and especially when compared to the size of an arm in a sleeve or armour. I will say the Jetbikes look sweet. But just look at all the arms. Compare the bare to the clothed. Why are they so beefy? Especially on the wytches.

See Eldar are graceful, even their Dark Tainted bretheren, and their limbs should be much more lithe and slender, like the Helions.

Let me next adress the manly women. Some of the chicks just look too much like dudes. Just look at the sideburns on the right one. And the chin on the left make him look more like this.
So yeah, there is that. But GW does have a bad track record of making women look like men. I understand that on a miniature scale, especially heroic, it is a very hard look to capture BUT they are continually harping on about their progress in model making. I would like to see some progress made here.

The one other thing is the Incubi. Why are they holding their blades like this. GW made this mistake on the Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard. But they did it once. And if you took a powerfist, you could just avoid that Blade. This is just a dumb way to hold a blade, especially one that has a hilt. If it was more like that weapon klignons use, then it would be fine. But it obviously has a hilt. One meant for two hands. Why not continue with your Samurai theme and have them hold it that way. Or at least 1 or 2 of them hold it that way. But no, they are all holding it like a psuedostaff.  At leas the wide grip has same intelligence, as you can absorb a block easier with your arms spread, but the close grip really has no logic, at least to me in it. Otherwise though, I think the models are truly representative of their namesake. I would have nightmares if I faced them. Once I was done laughing at their fighting stance that is.

Honestly, who holds a sword like that?
Overall though, they are really really sweet models. I especially like their Jetbikes. They just look menacing. Can't wait to see what further releases hold.