Saturday, October 16, 2010

When life gives you lemons... You accidentally miss a month of blogging.

So yeah. Sorry about that. Life has hell for the last month. Started with a funeral. Then I had test after test after test forever and ever. And assignment after assignment after assignment. And wedding planning (Balrogs can love too) and NROTC. So all in all, I haven't had a moment to breath, let alone pick up a brush or post here.

It really is something we all have trouble with. Balancing what we want to do with what we have to do. and unfortunately, the last month has only had enough time for "have to do" stuff. Fortunately though, the beauty of this hobby is it can wait and I can set it aside knowing that it will be just as I left it when I return.
What is that you say? Dark Eldar are about to drop? The hobby isn't exactly the same? Oh, well I will get right on looking into that.

So yes. I am back. First things first however. I am in serious need of some gaming. So today I will be going down to the local hobby shop and play some (and investigate that new fangled codex). Then I get back to painting. I really need to get back to painting.

I would be posting the one new thing I have done, but my fiance took the camera home with her this weekend. So I'll figure out something and get a real post up here in an hour or two.