Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blood Angels Astorath 2k List

HQ- Astorath the Grim: 220
Troops- Assault Squad(10): 225- 2 x Melta-gun; Power Weapon
Troops- Assault Squad(10): 235- 2 x Melta-gun; Power Fist
Troops- Death Company(5+1): 375-Jump Packs, Power Fist; Power Weapon, Hand Flamer; Chaplain Lemartes
Troops- Death Company(5): 200- Jump Packs; Power Weapon, Hand Flamer
Troops- Death Company Dreadnought: 150 -Heavy Flamer, Magna-Grapple
Troops- Death Company Dreadnought: 135 -Blood Talons, Heavy Flamer
Heavy Support- Storm Raven Gunship: 230- Plasma Cannon, Multi-Melta, Extra Armour, Locator Beacon
Heavy Support- Storm Raven Gunship: 230- Assault Cannons, Multi-Melta, Extra Armour, Locator Beacon

Pts: 2000 Scoring Units: 2-4 KPs: 9-11

So put Astorath with the DC not with Lemartes. Load up DC in Storm Ravens with Dreads on the back. Hit hard with them and bring in the Assault Squads on the beacons to take objectives.

EDIT- Played this tonight, except the Dread with a Magna Grapple became a 5 man assault squad.
Played Capture and Control Spearhead against Nurgle CSM. Game ended 0-0 with no troops on the table. I had a Raven with no weapons, Astorath, Lemartes and an Immobilised Dread. He had a DP, 2 immobilised dreads and a LR. So all in all we did a good job of slaughtering each other.

This was my first game using Storm Ravens (proxied with Valkyries). I REALLY REALLY LIKED THEM!!!

Oh yeah, got to check out the Dark Eldar Codex too. Hope to post about them later.