Monday, October 25, 2010

Magnetized Baal Predator/Predator and NMM Sanguinary Guard WIP

So here is what I have been working on this past week. In addition I built a Sky shield landing pad, but that is nothing special
The Predator fully built in its massed firepower form. I can switch it between a Rhino, a Baal with all weapons variants, and a Predator Annihilator and Predator Destructor. The cool thing is the HB sponson always have the BA look to them.
So these are all the magnetized parts (if there is a duplicate, such as the sponsons, it is not in the photo). I made it so the HB and Heavy Flamers would still depress. It seemed online most people just put magnets on top the weapon and it always pointed straight, but by putting it inside the weapon and the ammo hopper/fuel tank I was able to get them to fully function.
Turret wise I have the mount for the assault cannon and inferno cannon, they just slide in and out, and then I have the TL Lascannon and the Autocannons. I have to use the Flamer tanks on the back of the turret for the Las and the Assault Cannon ammo for the Autocannon, but they work.
As you can see I also magnetized the rear door so it can open and stay closed. Cit a piece of sprue to the width of the interior and just glued it in. This way I can store parts I am not using inside. I can fit a Baal and side panels to run it without sponsons in it.
These just show other magnet placements commonly found. One for the Top hatches and one for the side panels.
I did this today in just a few hours. Used WD 363 (US) as a rough guide on how to do it. Just a WIP but pretty decent in my mind.
This one is digitally adjusted for the poor lighting
This is the guy under a flatter, more direct light