Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why I think specialist games need more support

There is always that one guy in the store. You know. The one guy who plays specialist games. You seem him as you stand there playing 40k or Fantasy. Who knows, he may even be doing the same. But really, he wishes he was playing a specialist game. And honestly, you should too.

Specialist Games used to be MUCH MUCH bigger. Unfortunately GW decided to go a different direction (LoTR). But they are still there and they are begging to be played. They should have to beg no longer.

I am that specialist gamer. I have Battlefleet Gothic, Blood Bowl, Necromunda, and Aeronautica Imperialis (While not an official SG since it is FW, it is ecletic enough to be considered as such). While I do enjoy playing 40k, I just sometimes would rather be playing these other games. Unfortunately, no one else does. But I am here to tell you you should. And here are the reasons why:

1- THEY ARE FUN! These games are a blast. They really are. Each of them has distinct advantages and concepts not found in mainstream games. You want 40k as fast paced as Warmachine? Try Necromunda. You want a higher level manuevering game? Try Battlefleet Gothic and Aeronautica Imperialis? You want every decision you make to be a possbile game changer? Play Blood Bowl (really, something as simple as picking up the ball can determine ultimately if you win or lose. It is a brutal game). Really, I cannot stress how much fun these games are.

2- Fresh Air: You don't face the same thing over and over again (Guard Mech Spam). There really are no power lists. Players tend to play more so what they want then what is good. Balance can be an issue sometimes, but as long as you are playing for fun this is a moot point. But overall, you are thinking differently, playing differently, and it is different minis!

3- Sweet minis! Okay, some of them can be older and weird, while others are great. Particularly BFG IMOHO. Not only are there some great minis, you can convert to your hearts desire. Some games, like BFG, even have ways for you to create your own rules. And many players will even let you use these rules.

4- Nicer people: Everyone I have met or known that played SG games does it for teh love of the game and the hobby, not to win. It is nice to not have rules lawyers and math hammers and what not interfering with just a pleasant afternoon of gaming. As well, the player communities seem to be more willing to meet new people (probably because of low numbers) and try new things.

5- Cheaper: Alot of the SG games require ALOT less minis than 40k, Fantasy, or even warmachine. You can get a sizeable force often for far less than the main games. Blood Bowl, Necromunda and Mordhiem are prime examples of this. BFG can be rather low too, and you can often find cheap epic armies on ebay. The only one that is expensive is Aeronautica. Thanks FW. Oh yeah, all the rule books are free for download.

So if you have always wondered about those wacky games, stop. Buy some and get a friend to play. Download the rules and proxy a game even. Try it out. Who knows, there may be 2 guys in your store playing SG games.

So go here. Go now.