Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Terrain, Marines, and Warjacks! OH MY! (TONS OF PICTURES!)

Okay, so here is a bunch of the stuff I have been working on while I have been stashed away someplace in this general area.

So anyway, lets get on with it. Starting with TERRAIN!

So the terrain is made with Minnesota lake rocks and pieces of shale. Based in of 1/8" (I Think) masonite board. That stuff works great. Some work still needs to be done. Basing and detail. I am going to used popsicle sticks for the roof. Put a wood stain and snow on in. Some moss on the walls and such. Should turn out nice.
So I used Locite metal and concrete epoxy and gorilla glue brand super glue to build them. Stuff worked great.

Next up MARINES!

So this Blood Angel has a jump pack from chapterhouse studios.

Another Blood Angel assault marine. This one with the Mk3 look going on.

This is the Grey Knight Grandmaster I built for my brother. He painted it. It is supposed to represent a Grey Knight Librarian. I wish chapterhouse had made it's exorcist bits at the time. That would have been a better shoulder pad to use. I used the Blood Raven Terminator shoulder pad from them. The legs are from a Assault on Black Reach Terminator I got for free in a WD. The Body is a GK body (I used the legs elsewhere). The head is cadian with a green stuff hood. The eagle shield is from Marneus Calgar.


This I am going to enter in the BoLS warmachine challenge. I know it won't win but what ever. Here is my fluff: Khador Juggernaut T-54, known as "Goliath", was one of the first warjacks delivered into Khador's service from a factory founded in dedication of the Butcher of Khardov's heroic actions in the name of the Motherland. Though not as chaotic as a Berserker, serving in the legions of the Butcher has had its effects on the warjack, lending to a more violent nature.

Well hope you enjoy. Now to rush to the airport to pick up a friend.