Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weird/bad things with the Blood Angels: Part 2

This is just a few more things I find meh to bleh about the BA release. First part here.SUCH A WEIRD COSTUME!!!

1. No blood chalice on the sprue. This would have been really nice to have some sort of chalice on the sprue. But instead the only 2 chalices in the range are on metal models: Corbulo and Sanguinor.
So yeah, it would have really been nice to have a bit to make priest with so I don't have to buy $17 models to convert it like in the most recent WD.

2. Inconsistency between WD and the Codex. Flip to the page with chapter banners in the codex. Look at the 3rd one. Now look in the WD with the blood angels on the cover. Towards the front in amongst the fluff and descriptions there is a picture of 3 banners. One of them is the 5th Co. Banner. It is the same banner as in the codex, but with a 5 on the bottom. So yeah.

Now this is a Blood Angel Banner

3. Deep striking land raiders: It is kinda unfair. They are already all dedicated transports and I have fast vehicles. Game balance people. It should be a trade-off I have to decide to make- Fast Vehicles or Land Raiders. Don't build in a way for my land raiders to be just as fast essentially.

4. Deep striking land raiders: Huh? Didn't I just do that. Well, the fluff has a flaw in it. The Blood Angels have 43 Land Raiders according to the codex. BUT they only have 3 Thunderhawk transporters. The only thing that can carry land raiders other than bulk transporters. So this is bad fluff for a few reasons
1- Why so many of one then so little of the other?
2- Why would they risk the few Thunderhawk transporters they possess on combat drops?
3- What if I take 4 Landraiders and Deepstrike them all? Well rules wise I can. But fluff wise, I can't.
I just like the rules to line up with the fluff. And then see point 3 as well (if you skipped it for some weird reason).

5- No Battleforce box- Space Wolves got one, would have been nice for BA to get one too. 2 Death Company sets, assault squad and a rhino. Or something like that. Make it easy for us to kitbash things and save a little money.

6- Captains without artificer armour. Can't buy that upgrade. But I can buy a squad that comes equipped with it. Yes, they at least have Iron Halo's, but it would be nice to buy a guy with a 2+ without having to buy a special character or put them in terminator armour.