Monday, April 19, 2010

Looking to start Warmachine

UPDATE: 4/20
Bought a Kodiak, Juggernaut, Demolition Corps, and the Butcher today. 15 points. Well on my way!

UPDATE 4/28: PACKAGE ARRIVED. Built and primed. But some base coats down too.

So yeah, I have been lured towards another game and now it is just a matter of when I have the money to start the game, but I am going to be jumping into Warmachine. I have played one game and I am already hooked. Really it is the minis that did it. Gameplay is nice, but I can't resist awesome minis.

My favourite model. So BAD ASS!

Anyways I will be playing Khador (if you couldn't tell from the picture).

Basically I am just going to do a one time big buy that all I'd ever have to add to it is 2 or so Warjacks if I wanted to change things up. Already compatible for the Butcher's 4 tiers.

Here is my plan:
MoW Drakhun
MoW Kovnik
MoW Shocktroopers
MoW Demolition Corps
Plastic Kit - Magnetised
Widowmaker Marksman
And rulebooks

If I do ever add on, it will probably be Beast 09 and a Beserker or 2. MAYBE Kharchev the terrible to have a variety of casters.

I really just want to play a heavy heavy force. Man of War units and Khador Warjacks are the best to do that, and apparently the Prime Butcher of Khardov is the best for this, especially with new players to the game.

DON'T WORRY THOUGH. I will still be working on Blood Angels. I have ample amounts of time this summer and don't plan on wasting it. Just expect to see some awesome warmachine minis mixed in. Will probably paint a BA unit then warmachine, back and forth, until I am done.