Friday, September 14, 2018

Hobby Progress: Prophets of Bark and the Spooky Bunch, Part 3


Recently I went to NOVA 2018. And I used it as motivation to complete an army I've been working on for quite some time.

This Army.

This whole army started because I liked Mandrakes. So everything is themed around that, so stayed with spooky things.

AOS Tree Revenants as Wracks & Haemonculus

As a add-on I wanted to use some Silent Shroud Harlequins, because you know scary stuff.
Had a few Razorwings laying around 
Sticks out for now, but I plan to replace it 
with the next High Elf Skycutter I see

One of the last things I worked on was finishing my Skyweavers, but not the 6 actual ones I already had partially painted.
These Guys

The very last thing I worked on was a small Eldar detachment for much larger NOVA events.
Wraith-seer was a old Project, 
but I gave him some blue to help him fit in
I'm not sure where I'll go from here with this army. It filled out pretty nicely, and I've done pretty good of exhausting GWs mandrake-like and bird selection. But maybe one day GW will revisit actual Wood Elves and give me something else to work with.

If you want to see more of this army and what ended up happening at NOVA, the below links will take you there.