Thursday, September 13, 2018

Allies of Inconvenience: Episode 13- NOVA Narrative Recap and Changing the 2018 Meta

This Episode the Evan "Gothmog" and Chris "Discordian" recap their excellent experience attending NOVA and playing in the Narrative event for 40k, Evan with his BA Dreadnoughts and Chris with his Dark Eldar spooky bunch. After that we launch into talking about the meta, what it is and where we would like to see it go!

Also, here is a link to the KHARN we talk about!

00:00 Intro
04:16 Hobby Progress
26:30 NOVA Narrative Recap
53:09 The Meta and What to Change
Songs and Soundclips
Blue Mark- Atlan Urtag
Kaap mere- Bugotak
Clip 1 - The Wrath of Khan
Clip 2 - Zeonic Front
Clip 3 - Blade Runner