Thursday, June 28, 2018

Hobby Progress: Prophets of Bark and the Spooky Bunch

Discordian here. So I really wanted to start a new army that I could build from the ground up. And I really wanted to do something creative and fun. And somehow that meant Mandrakes. (Because whats more fun than heavy metal night terrors made of shadow and hate- Gothmog)
Lots and Lots of Mandrakes
I really like the look of the new sculpts, but I had to do some modifications. When I got some of them I literally could poke the cleavers and they'd come off. So I did a quick kit bash.
While I was at it I swapped out all the tiny scythes the squad leaders had with something a little more visible.
Currently they are slowly be painted up, one day I'll work up the courage to tackle the flame hands.
Since there isn't a Mandrake HQ I settled on the Archon below.
So the next part, Prophets of Bark, is where the creative part comes in. This project actually started before the recent Dark Eldar codex, and even before the rule of three became a thing. But even back then I knew I couldn't just field a army of mandrakes. The Kalabite and Wych models are okay, but I wanted something different that fit better with Mandrakes. Which is where these guys come in.
Image result for tree revenants
Mandrakes. Get IT!
(I make this joke everytime we talk- Gothmog)
I've always really liked AOS Tree Revanents, but I had no real reason to ever get any. When the index made wracks troops again everything just fell perfectly into place. Which is why this happened.
I'm also working on some additional spooky allies. But haven't gotten to far yet.
This was mostly as army inspired by Mandrakes and it unbeknownst to me escalated into a very weird Dark Eldar Footdar list. Might be good.... might not be, but its definitely been a fun project 

I'll share more as I make more progress. My goal is to have everything done for NOVA