Wednesday, March 21, 2018

My notes from the GW adepticon studio preview

Warning- this is all stream of consciousness writing

Double Sigmar players this year
Largest shadespire event

Megaboss, vandus
Get physical and digital

Giant skull mine/sea urchin "magic will never be the same again." Attached to Nagash

Skeleton chariot for undead

Long boat/greek Art
Parasite God unmade race
Mandrake looking/GSC Magnus like. All bald?
Octopus with knife behind guy taking notes
Guys riding fishes. Like 4 types of heads
Sea turtle chariot thing 6 fins
Greek warrior mage water cape
Unicorn salamander thing

More than 500 cards
Spectral parry card

Video from that gaming con

Kill Team stand alone
Hank  from adepticon will get early look

Harlequins announced
Tactics based on troops

Live action video
"What waits for us at the end of our time?"
imperial knights
6 guns 2 shoulder
2 chest
All dual barrel except arms
More than 1 big kit
Like a "Mini imperator"

Combat roster
App for army building
"Our bad we should have made this sooner"
Tom of roll call making it
Free starting in april  on warhammer community
Uses power level
Working on one for matched play. It is coming

Survey 120k respondents
Read it all
Warhammer legends website
Attached to community site
Rules for all old Whfb minis for Sigmar
Dark elves made to order
Blurred pic of brettonians and beastmen

Space marine cutting mail truck
Split shipping coming back

Plastic sisters
"Emperor willing 2019"
Andy smile we are making new sob
Trying to be Ready for adepticon
Winter CA beta for codex
Will have updates of range as in development the whole.way to launch

Last stand at glazers creek 2

Exclusives for in events
Next year SM primaris with Power sword


FW in roster builder?

Kill Team like shadow war?
Similar page count

New FW team for.aos

Modular kill team terrain

Preview shortly for bfh and titanicus

Campaigns after codicies

Sisters highly unlikely by Jan

New knight is a "castellan"

Teclis talking in deepkin video

Warhammer Legends not for matched play

Organized play packs for kill teams

Citadel will have displays maybe FW

This year all factions maybe?

Plans for shadespire boards

March faq. Team tournament for obs in case there is something big

Tide mechanic changes deepkin abilities

Chaos updates before sisters likely