Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Adepticon 2018- Team Display: Trazyn's Collection in the Vaults of Solemnance

I give you our Team Tournament display this year,  The Vaults of Solemnance, the Collection of Trazyn the Infinite

We had Necrons (obviously) and then things that Trazyn has collected over the years INCLUDING
-Adeptus Custodes
-Sisters of Silence
-Sons of Malice
-Maximillian Weismann is "212 Arethusa"... since Trazyn couldn't get the baneblade in time, and isn't particularly concerned with accuracy he has a Leman Russ Punisher
-CREEEEEED! and the Cadian 8th
-The Inquisitor, Lictor and "Thrice Damned Kroot" from Xenology
-The Retinue of Inquisitor Valeria
-The Tanith 2nd (saved at their founding)
-The Vostroyan XXI
And then a few other jokes...
-Missing game aides (Templates, scatter dice, etc)
-Necron "Pokeball" and a Lavendar Town Remix
-The bell from Gathering Storm
-An empty box for YOU!
Welcome to my little dark corner of the universe. A refuge in a galaxy of uncertainties and calamities. A place I’ve carefully curated over the years to contain the most esoteric collection you will ever witness
The section before you is a presentation of gilded champions, well kempt conscripted dullards, and a menagerie of conceited war dogs. All these artifacts of life-choices have found purpose in my home, kept safe and still from the ravages of time.
I’m sure some of them have names that matter, but it’s what they represent that drew my attention. Whether it be that they did something of importance, or they may simply be that last of what they were. I’m sure if I allowed it, they would voice an opinion on the matter of their custody. But I simply can’t allow the chance the galaxy would never see their likes again.
Take your time, take it all in. Your perspective and input will be well received. Who knows, while you certainly won’t be allowed to leave, you might impress me enough to keep.