Tuesday, January 30, 2018

What I want to see from GW in 2018

Just spitballing the biggest opportunities (as I see it) for GW to deliver some real winners this year.
1- Plastic Sisters of Battle: I think this is #1 on a lot of peoples lists. It just needs to happen already. Its 2018 GW. Just do it. The people want it. It will help your image. You can't get rid of them. Might as well upgrade them..

2- A complete edition of 40k: This may ACTUALLY HAPPEN. For like the first time EVER. We are on track to get a codex for every existing major faction in the game, as well as several new factions/subfactions. I would not be surprised if by Q3 or Q4, every present range has an updated 40k codex for 8th edition.
3- An official list building app for 40k: This should have happened at release. Should have happened again after CA. IT NEEDS TO EXIST. I like battlescribe, don't get me wrong, but it is prone to errors due to the fact it is community made and run. A professional and official app would be much more accomodating. It would also provide a standard format for TOs to rally around EVERYWHERE!
4- Specialist Games Relaunches- GW Have been doing this and it has been AWESOME. I need to play more Blood Bowl
myself and still have to get Necromunda. But the models are AWESOME and people seem to really enjoy it. So the next ones I want to see are Mordheim and Battlefleet Gothic. I would TOTALLY jump in head first for both these games, and both the Video Games have been well received. Enough so even that BFG Armada is getting a sequel.

5- More Plastic Heresy- The Battle of Calth and Burning of Prospero kits are GREAT, but there still needs to be a few things to TRULY make 30k accessible. Namely, plastic Deimos Rhinos. I would really like to see plastic MkII and some other plastic vehicles (Fire Raptor, SM Super Heavies, etc. etc.) Plastic Solar Auxilia would also be AMAZING
6- Updated Characters- There are SOOOOOO many characters that still use SUPER outdated models. Eldar Pheonix Lords, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, and Space Wolves Characters. Tigurius. Thraka. Fabius Bile. Abaddon. Some of these are from 2nd Edition. DANTE- LORD COMMANDER OF THE BLOOD ANGELS AND REGENT OF IMPERIUM NIHILUS HAS A 2nd ED MODEL! Its time to upgrade these guys.

7- Weapon upgrade sprues- Kinda tired of each codex having fewer and fewer unit option because it didn't come in the box that unit as sold. Really REALLY cuts down on conversions AND tactical flexibility. And can kill potential thematic armies. Power lances are disappearing essentially. Its disheartenting. A way around this is just to simply sell a small $10 sprue of various power weapons and guns for us with a multitude of armies. A generic Space Marine one could be used by all Imperial SM factions, GK, CSM and all their subfactions AS SOLD. A more generic one could reach even wider.
8- Rogue Traders in 40k- With keyword and micro factions, I just think there is a GOLDEN opportunity to bring these SUPER ICONIC characters from the lore onto the tabletop. And so much potential for crazy rules associated with them.

9- Some love for "minor" 40k factions- Kinda in line with above. Keywords make anything possible. I wouldn't mind White Dwarf articles (eventually collected into Chapter Approved or an index of sorts) surrounding some classic minor factions. Feral Orks, Kroot Mercenaries, the Lost and the Damned. And a chance for some new ones even. A good way to port in Necromunda gangs or Arbites too.

10- Enforcers back in Necromunda- Speaking of the Boys in Blue, this one is purely personal as they are the Gang I have and love. The fact they aren't in Newcramunda is what has kept me out of that game thus far. Arbites/Enforcers are SUPER AWESOME and are easily placed in Necromunda AND 40k, so likely a kit that will sell well.

11- More Free Peoples stuff for AoS- I'm tired of seeing Sigmarines. There is so much more to humanity than just them. Plus Stormcast have to be recruited from somewhere. Great crossover for Mordheim with kits too.
12- More Ork Stuff- These too have tooooooooooo many old models. The Old Foe deserves more than GW has given them over the past several years. Its time they fix that. Everyone loves to see orks in the game and on the table. They need to reward the people who do bring them and encourage more to start. They are the greatest hobbyist army there is IMO.
13- Gue'la- Tau human auxilia. The Genestealer Cult upgrade set for Imperial Guard showed this is really possible. They have been in the lore for a while. It owuld be great to really see them on the battlefield alongside their fishface overlords.

Sorry there is not a lot of AoS stuff on the list. I am not tapped into that side of things enough to really say what I want or need. Really trying to work on my Lizardmen this year, but I am setting them up mostly to play WHFB 8th edition, 9th Age and KoW and not so much AoS. I really want to get Shadespire and the Warhammer Quest games, but that is for another day.