Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Red Hunters Vanguard Squad

My last post was about a Red Hunters Tactical Squad. For more on how these guys were painted, go check it out! The rest of the Death Masque Box was Vanguard Marines! These guys may or may not be for Adepticon as well. We shall see. However, they still look great IMO.

Also, quick side note, I will cover Angel's Blade soon. But I want my copy physically in my hands first. Just know I am already painting a bunch of Terminators!

Without further ado, I give you Red Hunters Vanguard.

This next guy is probably my favourite of the 5.
Next up the Sergeant. He is the only one with DW parts, (head, shoulder, and shield). Powerfist is also pilfered from some other kit (it was in my bits box and I needed a left hand to go with the DW Storm Shield)
 And a group shot of all the Red Hunters together!