Thursday, September 29, 2016

Kharn the Betrayer

Last week I did a Kharn the Betrayer commission for a friend of mine. Really a great kit to build and paint. My only complaint with it is the design of the legs. There is all this great detail, particularly the skulls on the knees, that look amazing and I spent alot of time on... for almost no reason. Because of the pose, they are pointed basically directly down, and he is on such a large base and at such an extreme angle, that even when you hold him upside down, you can't really see then.
Overall though, it is really well done kit. They have perfected dividing up sprues. Nearly every mold line is hidden along some glue point or by some detail. I still cleaned them all, but even if you miss one or it is imperfect, the chances of seeing it on the final product are extremely slim.

I also played with Focus Stacking photography last night (the black back ground picture). Probably what I am going to do from now on for EVERYTHING. That is once my new camera gets here Thursday!