Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Confessions of a 40k Addict 2016/17 Hobby Season Challenge: My to do list

Confessions of a 40k Addict apparently does a yearly tracking challenge that he starts in August. Since we recently found each other's blogs, I noticed this and decided to jump in on it. I drafted up a to do list for the year.

This is overly ambitious, I know. But that is the point isn't it. Set the bar out of reach and go for it so you don't become complacent.
Here is my to do list for the year as of now. I may however reorganize it into an excel format to track overall progress of certain projects. However, I think this is a great start.

Items in bold are what I consider "Major" projects.

-Cult Mech for Adepticon (12 models)
-Armies on Parade Display Board
-Adepticon Display Board
-Kato Kiyomasa & Banners for Crystal Brush (4 models)
-Finish Arbites (2 Models)
-1 Blood Bowl Team (16 models)
-Steel Fist Samurai (9 Models)
-Thunderbolt Fighter (1 Model)
-Spare Contemptor Arm
-Baal Turret & Weapons
-Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer (1 model)
-Vindicator (1 Model)
-Lucius Drop Pod (1 Model)
-Xiphon Interceptor (1 Model)
-Jetbikes (5 Models)
-Chaplain (1 Model)
-Lizardmen Saurus (20 models)
-Drop Pods (2 models)
-Baal Predator (2 models)
-Rhinos (2 Models)
-Samurai Cavalry (12 models)
-Fury Road Cars (4 cars)
-Land Raider (1 model)
-Death Company (4 models)
-Tactical Squad (10 models)
-Devastator Squad (10 models)
-Sternguard Squad (10 models)
-Objective Markers (6 models)
-Relic (1 model)
-Vanguard (5 models)
-Knight Paladin (1 model)
-Battlefleet Gothic Gothicomp Entry (at least 1 model)
-Battlefleet Gothic (at least 6 models)
-French Line Battalion (30 models)

So that is at least 179 models! PLUS 2 DISPLAY BOARDS! AAAAHHHHH! I must be out of my mind. But hey, aren't we all if we are in this hobby