Sunday, April 10, 2016

Angels of Death New Formation and Detachment, with pics and rules!

If GW didn't want us to really know what these were already they wouldn't put up HD Youtube videos. All pulled direct from them. 


Hunting Force
1 Captain
0-1 Chaplain
0-1 Librarian
2-5 Bike squads
1-3 Assault Bike Squads
1-3 Scout Bike Squads
Restriction: Everything needs to be on a bike
Khan may be taken in place of a Captain. Must have Moondraken

"Special Rules: The Hunter's Prey- After deployment is complete, pick an HQ unit in the enemy army to be this Formation's Primary Target, then two other units to be the Formation's secondary and tertiary targets. The primary target is the formation's prey at the start of the game, once that unit is completely destroyed, the secondary target becomes the formations prey, and so on. When attacking (unreadable) prey, units from this formation reroll To Hit and To Wound rolls. In addition, if a unit from this Formation charges their prey, they have the Furious Charge special rules until the end of the phase."
(Unreadable) Assault: Models from this Formation that make Hammer of Wrath attacks make two (unreadble. hits?) instead of one if there are at least five models in their unit."

Anvil Strike force next. If you like tanks, this is for you.

Anvil Strike Force:
Same restrictions IRT core, aux and command as a Gladius except only allowed 2 command instead of 3.
Command Benefits:
"Master of mechanised warfare: You may choose a vehicle form this detachment to be your warlord, even if your army inclues characters. If you do, your warlord has the following warlord trait:

Big Guns Never Tire: (skipping fluff) At the eng of your shooting phase, your warlord can nominate himself or another vehicle from this detachment that is within 24" of him. This vehicle can immediately fir its weapon again.
Armour of Contempt: Vehicles in an Anvil Strike Force Detachment ignore the effects of Crew Shaken and Crew stunned damage results, though they will still loose a Hull Point"

And make of this last part what you will. We shall see who gets access to them and who doesn't.

EDIT: So there is this to clarify...