Saturday, April 9, 2016

Adepticon Coverage Part One: My Completed Display Board!

So after taking a week to calm down from Adepticon and reintegrate into real life, I am able to start sharing my Adepticon experience. First post: The display board I made.

You can see the WIP post here!

So the requirement is that I had to be able to break it down and fly with it, so I did two 2 x 2 segments that I put spacers between and bolted together then boxed up, which actually made it super resilient with virtually no damage on the plane (2 tiles popped out, but I popped them right back in).

Our Theme was the Fall of Medusa V, the old GW global campaign that every faction fought at. It was the only thing we could come up with the fit our rag tag composition (we were using armies we had this year. Next year we are building for Adepticon specifically).

Stay tuned for more coverage of ADEPTICON 2016!