Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Site updates, Specialist Games Forums and BFG News

First of all let me say downloads are back up and working. Using Dropbox, so no worries. I will work on getting more stuff up there. Try to get my old apoc datasheets and some new missions. One of them is even for a BFG Grand Cruiser I made, the Annihilator Class.
Not the Annihilator Class, but awesome non the less.
As well, I started creating a little Specialist Games portal on my blog here for the preserevation of the hobby. But that got me thinking, why stop there?

So I got involved in the Specialist Games forums again. If you are a wayward SG gamer, or you are interested in becoming one (even without the lines of minis, we are already finding solutions to such problems) then you should pop on over there and check it out. And even if the game you are interested in doesn't get much love on the forum, you maybe able to find out where the true community for the game lingers (such as the Conclave for Inquisitor). However, BFG and Warmaster seem to thrive there, so check it out.

It isn't too hard to make these models look freaking awesome.
Finally, let me put in a few Battlefleet Gothic specific plugs. For some time, BFG has been undergoing a community lead revision to the ships and fleets, and it is actually nearing completion YAY! You can find these awesome and well balanced rules at So far Imperial Navy, Chaos, Eldar, Space Marines, Tau Empire. Necrons, Adeptus Mechanicus and Dark Eldar are complete and I am proof reading Tyranids as you read!
Like I said, awesome.
He is also hosting a Global Specialist Games campaign that is easy to participate in, so check that out and fight for your faction! It is really easy to report and make a difference, and there doesn't have to be any official log ins or registrations. Any 40k based Specialist Game can be used and makes a difference!

And finally GothiComp 2013 is open. GothiComp is an annual BFG painting/conversion contest and it is officially done now through the BFG forums on the SG forums site. If you have BFG you want to show off, this is the perfect place to do it. We are also looking for some more prize support, so if you'd like to help out and promote the game and community, it would be most appreciated.
And maybe, if enough people get involved, we can see the sun rise on Specialist Games once more.