Sunday, May 19, 2013

Codex Eldar, Iyanden- Codex Eldar Supplement, Wraithknight and flier (PICS)

So I have long been a proponent of switching back to the old supplemental system (scan these posts, I am sure there are several on the subject) that existed in 3rd and 4th edition. It allows for more diversity/flexibility and fluffy armies. As well, you get to include alot more cool characters, and it cuts down on redudancy for codicies. The icing on the cake is that GW profits more, as you now have to buy 2 books? Why is this good? Well it means that GW has positive motivation to actually do something that improves the game in my opinion. If they can't make money off of it, why do it.

Anyways, that leads me to these little nuggets floating on the internet.

It looks like Iyanden will get its own supplement when the new codex drops (rumoured June 8th-ish).
My guess is this is where the new Wraithknight model will appear:

This guy looks awesome. Only complaints are I wish the arms weren't as scrawny and the head was a little bigger, but otherwise that is sweet. I especially like the cloved feet. Not too sure about the fluff though. Apparently it has a spirit stone AND its living twin as a pilot inside. If you are going to have a pilot, why not just have a Revenant Titan?

As well, here is the cover of Codex Eldar

And the new flier
Sorry that last one is so small and low-res. All I got.