Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blood Angel Emperor's Champion/Custom Seth with Freehand Banner AND 1st Genswick IG Test Model

So a little bit ago I posted a WIP for a converted Chapter Master Gabriel Seth of the Flesh Tearers. The reason I was scratch building my own was because I for one do not play Flesh Tearers. I play Blood Angels. However, in 6th edition, the list I am testing right now works best with Seth, so I wanted a way to incorporate him into my BA army. Best way was to make a new model from scratch. Then I had to figure out what to make him. I didn't want him to be a Captain, as I would want a Captain in an Honour Guard to fit with the fluff. Plus I have a Second Co Captain, and he has a Jump Pack. And the 8th Company Assault Marines I have don't have a Captain, but they will and I plan on making that a Biker. So I am left with not much, but if you read the other article, you'd learn why I concluded on this: An Emperor's Champion. All Chapters can have one fluff wise, not just Black Templars. Plus, Seth has a big BIG Sword, albeit a Chainsword, but Big and Cool = Black Sword to me. Who is to say that the BA just have always used a massive eviscerator instead.

If you want to know the parts, read the WIP article. The only change is I took off the 2nd wreath and moved the grenades to the other side so I could attach a Death Mask to his hip. Seemed a fitting helmet for an Emperor's Champion if he ever need to don head gear (e.g. in a Vacuum). Anyway, pretty picture time.

The Banner is based off an image in the 3rd Ed BA Codex Supplement. The slogan on it is "Ave Imperator" with several letters hidden.

NOW onto the Genswick. I painted this guy really quickly (for my standards. Took 30 min, and this was with me figuring out what colours to actually do!) and I have a feeling my future guard will go even faster now that I have a scheme selected and basic technique established. Much faster than Marines at least. For more Genswick WIP click here.

Well there you go folks. I probably won't get more photos up for a while as I head back to my ship, but I will try and keep some content going for the next few months as I am away, but expect more Marines and Guard upon my return.