Sunday, September 16, 2012

5 Perfect Models for 40k (That aren't 40k)

I would say I am a hobby enthusiast first and a player of the game second. I just love modelling, model building, and army composition from a style perspective. I am always coming up with ideas and themes and browsing endlessly over bits and images to figure out what I would need to do it, even though I likely never will (primarily for budgetary reasons). When I do get to do a cool project, I try to capture as much in it as possible. My Genswick army is exactly that, and I will actually be posting more on them this week hopefully (and my plan to make them a Macrusade Crusade army).

What most people fail to do I believe is just look at GW's entire product range to find just the right look or model, or just something different. Hopefully this gets some creative sparks in you minds, but I am just going to rattle off 5 models that are currently in production and available from the GW site that can easily be incorporated in the 40k universe/armies with little to absolutely no conversion work necessary.

1. Be'Lakor, The Dark Master

This beauty of a model was released years ago for the Storm of Chaos summer campaign. This guy makes the perfect Daemon prince for a Chaos Daemons army or a CSM army, and with the right paint job or conversion work, can really be made from an undivided Daemon into one of any of the 4 major powers, as you can see below in a commission I did some years ago for a Nurgle army

2. Empire Witch Hunter
This guy screams Inquisitor, just screams it. So much in fact I plan on using him as Inquisitor Drake in my Macharian Crusade army, as is. No changes needed. And while I think this guy says inquisitor more than any other, almost the entire range of Empire heroes (and even units) make great inquisitorial agents/henchmen.

3. Mordheim Elf Mage
This guy comes from the Hired Swords range of Mordheim, which really has a bunch of great models for any role players out there. My favourite among them is the Elf Mage. While I am going to use this as the wizard for my blood bowl team, a distinctive paint scheme or minor conversion work can see this awesomely posed model used in a number of ways (due to its beautiful simplicity). Most obvious are his uses as an Eldar Farseer or Warlock. Possibly a Harlequin troop leader if you are up to painting patterns (of which there is more than adequate room). The addition of a wide brim hat makes him a really believable Inquisitor for the Imperium. Primaris psyker for IG is another role that comes to mind. Really, there is a lot of potential for this model.

4. Empire Duelist
Both of these are great models, but I particularly like the one on the right, and he is planned to be one of my Officers for a Genswick Infantry Platoon. As you can see he is very militaristic (the medals drive this home) and would be great in an Imperial Guard Army, especially with Tanks and/or Super Heavy Tanks. The one of the left is once again great for anything Inquisitorial, but also has great potential as an IG bodyguard (many IG officers are nobility from their world, and it would be fitting to have a body guard from their household guard).

5. Champion of Khorne

This has forever been one of my favourite GW models. He just exudes the power that is Khorne and is the very image of the chosen of the Blood God. With the advent of Cultists in the new CSM codex, he has a perfect fit in 40k. To be honest, I think all the Chaos Champions from fantasy do, this one is just my personal favourite. They also are great for any renegade Guard force, and I think some clever conversion work can even see the Slanneesh and Khornate Champions made into Space Marines.

Obviously there is a lot more. Ogre Kingdoms have been used for Ogryns a million times over (not only is this more flexible model wise, but it is very cost efficient). Nearly the whole Fantasy Orc range can be used in 40k, and give a great opportunity to make you boyz really stand out. And there are a bunch of Dark Elves that would make great additions to a group of Wyches in a Dark Eldar army.