Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Blood Angels are going to utterly DOMINATE early 6th ed

So this post is kinda tooting the horn of my own army. I personally believe BA are gaining some of the largest benefits of the edition change and I am here to tell you WHY.
1- FNP- Sure FNP goes down from a 4+ to a 5+, and I hope when Codex:CSM comes out that Plague Marines have some caveot to this to help them out (though T5 may still be enough of one), BUT that lowering isn't all that BAD for Blood Angels as they are still wearing Power Armour. Let DE and non power armoured players whine about this one. The sons of Sanguinius are to BA (get it) to let this drag them down.
2- Jump Infantry- As in my previous post, I believe Jump Infantry will be masters of the Battlefield in 6th edition. Able to move 12 inchs. Rumored to be able to roll 3d6 and choose the highest or 2d6 and reroll one, but even without this still an avg charge of 7 in and a possibility of a full 12. Able to move 2d6 in assault phase EVEN IF NOT CHARGING. Relentless (no heavy weapons, so no real benefit here). And these are just benefits for ALL Jump Infantry. OH I almost forgot. A free I10 hit at base S (4 for these guys) on the Charge. Take that Banshees.
Now lets see what tricks BA also have in the bag. So Red Thirst means I have a good chance of getting Fearless and Furious Charge (even better with Astorath). Now imagine the reach of a furious charging unit. Awesome. Now lets take a look at Death Company. These guys are about to become the most feared assault troops in the game.
Furious Charge- +1 S.
RAGE- +2 A for charging. On top of 2 base and 2 CCW. This is the biggest benefit of all.
Able to reroll hits and wounds.
Able to buy special CCW on EVERYONE
When you slap jump packs and power weapons on these guys, you now have a unit that can eat 10 man Plague Marine squads in one go. I may drop vanguard to bring them back into my list.
Now top all of the above off with DoA. I can reach you anywhere at anytime (after 1st turn) and there is nothing you can do to stop me.
3- Fast Vehicles- So BA transports, Predators and Vidicators are fast, and under 6th vehicles can move and shoot MORE. This is great, especially for the Baal Predator with its squintillion weapons. And the Baal is an even better tank killer now with Hull Points allowing weaker weapons to glance a tank to death. And the Vidicator gets full S across the template, not just under the hole, so it is improved too. But back to the FAST part. Speed is going to be KEY in 6th ed. With one third of scenarios playing across the board long ways (short edge deployment zones) and the triangle set up creating large distances as well (I am assuming APOC set up with a larger No Man's Land), and then Jump Infantry, bikes and normal vehicles moving super fast, fast vehicles will be GREAT. Oh, and flyers will be zooming around every which way. Having a Baal Pred that can rev its engines to get in range and then pour on the fire (twin linked assault cannons baby) to bring that beast out of the sky will be nice.
4- Lots of Librarians- I am not sure how all the new psychic powers are going to be or what they are going to be, but I am sure everyone will want to mess around with them and since Blood Angels can bring extra psykers to the table, they will be a great test bed for this. FURTHERMORE since everyone else is going to be throwing around psyker powers like confetti at a parade, having psychic defence will be critical too. Librarians have hoods. Nuff said.
5- Allies- So BA can ally with a whole bunch of people. Not really sure if I am going to be taking Allies, as no one has better jump infantry really, though some GK may be nice. HOWEVER I think taking Blood Angels is one of the smartest things a player can do. I think alot of the following will be seen:
Chaplain, Death Company, Furioso Librarian.
Librarian, Assault Squad, Furioso Librarian.
Either of the Above with a Storm Raven instead of Furioso.
Either of the Above with Sanguinary Priest instead of Furioso.
The Sanguinary Priest will be super great for the most trusted category of Allies, as a unit can consist of up to 3 of these guys and an aegis of FNP and furious charge will be most welcome, especially on other assault armies like SW, GK and BT.