Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cypher? - Discordian

Cypher is my second favorite character in 40k. My favorite character being a dude who's imaginary friends are in fact a unit of terminators, I just wished he had half as much fluff as Cypher.

Back to Cypher, I keep seeing rumors talking about Dark Angels, Chaos Space Marines, and every once in a while something about the Fallen.

Here's a little info on the Fallen and Cypher for those of you not aware of this awesome back story of 40k. The Fallen are currently former members of the "Loyal" Dark Angels. I say "Loyal" with quotes because there is a lot of indication that the current members of the dark angels, or at least the upper hierarchy, where in fact swayed by chaos and the Fallen stood up to them for doing so.

End result of whatever really did happen is now these Fallen are actively hunted by the Dark Angels to be whisked away to The Rock (the Dark Angel Space Castle), where they are interrogated and encouraged to apologise.

You can have one just like this too and only at the cost of your own home world!
(Which you destroy because you couldn't get along with your Siblings)

Cypher is one of the Fallen who has made a name for himself by being very mysterious, very skilled, and very wanted by the Dark Angels. There's a lot of speculation on what he's really trying to do, a lot of what the fluff is pointing to is that in fact Cypher and the Fallen are loyal to the emperor. And are only on the run because the Dark Angels who are still Dark Angels don't want people to know that they almost backed the other Chaos Space Marines or at the very least attempted to pretend to be late so that the emperor could be killed.

So you end up with this awesome conspiracy theory where the the good guys did something bad and are now trying to be good, while hunting the bad guys who happen to be good guys who are now stuck working with the bad guys who in are fact bad because they are trying to kill the good guys who where bad still trying to be good guys.
Now like I said I have been seeing a lot of rumors about whats to come, in fact somebodies blog today had a photo shot of just mister mysterious above and It made me want to check something.  

I went to GW's website looking for Cyphers model page. Guess where I ended up?

Awhile back I wanted to field him as my callidus and ended up just making him out of a dark angels veterans box, but when I looked up his model on GW and I could have sworn it was in the collectors range then. Which makes sense because he hasn't had rules in a couple editions.

If anyone can back me up on this that would be great, because I could just be going crazy thinking for the best and I want to make sure.