Monday, February 23, 2009

Port Call

So in themed with my last post a few minutes ago, I thought I'd let you know about one of my forces I have (and my most complete at the moment).

Emperor Class Conqueror (Converted from Ret. Class)
Retribution Class Champion of Order
Terra Class Jutland (Converted from Ret. Class, I did the original concept submition)
Invincible Class Count Moriathas (Converted from 2 plastic cruisers and 1 dauntless)

Non IN cruisers:
Punisher Strike Cruiser Audacious (Converted from dauntless and plastic cruiser along with Invincible battleship, maybe I will do 1 more of each with a hobby article)
Blood Angels Strike Cruiser Crour Angelus

Imperial Cruisers:
Lunar Class Retribution
Lunar Class Lord Daros (NC variant)
Gothic Class Relentless
Gothic Class Usurper
Dictator Class Uragal Hammer
Dictator Class Archduke Tymalt
Tyrant Class Zealous (45 cm WB)
Tyrant Class Dominion (45 cm WB)
Dominator Class Jade Dynasty

Mars Class Imperious (Lft Col Shift)
Armageddon Class Gethsemane
Overlord Class Cypra Probati

Red Squadron Firestorms; Hannibal, Marauder, Prophet
Anvil Squadron Firestorms; Leviathan, Kraken, Behemoth
Alpha Squadron Firestorms; Cardinal Domingo, Constellation, Renown
Bronze Squadron Falcions; Nunc Agh Semper, Governor Hiatious, Ebon Hawk
White Squadron Falcions; Vossian Pride, Graf Spee, Miracle
Zulu Squadron Falcions; Hatchet, Hindenburg, Incandescent 
Saber Squadron Swords; Macedon, Boeotia, Thermopylae
Viper Squadron Cobras; Count Malaflour, Martyr, Revelation
Escort Carrier Squadron; Ticonderoga, Wasp, Oriskany

So this is based off Battlefleet Armageddon. My personal name for my fleet is Battlefleet Divinity.

Pictures will appear later.