Monday, February 23, 2009

Port Call 2: Pictures

Here are some old photo's of my fleet. Not everything I listed is in it yet and they are not very good images. The second picture is the Terra Class Battleship Jutland (the first Terra to exist as far as I know).

The Terra was made from a Retirbution Class Hull. I added the old Master of the Ravenwing pit to the prow after cutting off the eagle. As well I took the bridge off the Retirbution's superstructure and put on a plastic chaos cruiser bridge. To make it a Terra Class, you just do 2 WB sets and one lance set.

The colour scheme is an attempt to look older and worn, with the blue and white markings being the newest paint jobs, the rest of the ship being rather bare. They started out as just the reddish look with the white and blue, but one day I spilled my boltgun metal, so instead of letting it go to waste I put it on my fleet at the time (6 cruisers and a Battleship) and it looked decent enough that I stuck with it. All were painted when drybrushing was the thing to do rather than highlighting or layering.