Sunday, February 11, 2018

Blood Angels 2k "All Comers" List

Just a quick list share of what I think I am going to build to play to after Adepticon (have too much before then to get to this).
This list is designed to be fairly competitive IMO without being utterly ridiculous. Avoids using my Fire Raptor even!

Blood Angels 2k- 2000 pts, 8 CP, 3 Dets, 13 Drops

Battalion Det- +3 CP
HQ: Captain (Slamguinius)- 129: Angel's Wing, Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer, Warlord: Artisan of War
HQ: The Sanguinor- 170
Troops: Intercessor Squad (5)- 91: Bolt Carbines, 1 x Chainsword, 1 x Auxiliary Grenade Launcher
Troops: Intercessor Squad (5)- 91: Bolt Carbines, 1 x Chainsword, 1 x Auxiliary Grenade Launcher
Troops: Intercessor Squad (5)- 91: Bolt Carbines, 1 x Chainsword, 1 x Auxiliary Grenade Launcher

Spearhead Det- +1 CP
HQ: Librarian Dreadnought- 172: Furioso Fist w/ Storm Bolter, Unleash Rage, Wings of Sanguinius
Heavy Support: Mortis Dreadnought- 109: 2 x Twin Heavy Bolters
Heavy Support: Devastator Squad (5)- 110: 4 x Heavy Bolters, Amorium Cherub, 1 x Bolter
Heavy Support: Relic Leviathan Dreadnought- 334: Storm Cannon Array, Cyclonic Melta Lance, 2 x Heavy Flamers
Dedicated Transport: Lucius Pattern Dreadnought Drop Pod- 80

Vanguard Det- +1CP
HQ: Lemartes- 129
Elites: Death Company(5)- 116: Jump Packs, 4 x Bolter & Chainsword, 1 x Thunderhammer
Elites: Sanguinary Guard (4)- 140: 4 x Angelus Boltgun, 3 x Encarmine Sword, Powerfist
Elites: Relic Deredo Dreadnought- 237: Anvillus Autocannon Battery, Twin Heavy Bolter, Atomantic Pavaise

So a quick breakdown. The battalion is there really to supply much needed CP to fuel Captain Slamguinius. Gives me some reliable objective holders too in the form of Intercessors. They are just superior in almost everything to tactical marines, particularly for Blood Angels.

Form a gunline with them and the Mortis Dread handing out with the Deredo to take advantages of its bubble invulnerable. I thought about 2 mortis dreads, but I would want to spread them out. Thus I went with a devastator squad instead. Same number of heavy bolters (though with a little more splitfire utility), more fragile HOWEVER they can go many places a dread can't and benefit from cover.  Thus their inclusion. Put them on the table away from the Deredo and you can still have them be protected. Anywho, those units will prodvide a solid and hard to kill firewall.

The Leviathan is meant to ride down in that drop pod and storm around wrecking face unsupported. Hoefully he can clutch some pretty vital first turn kills with him and...


Not going to talk too much about him here, but a captain equipped as I equipped him and with the appropriate strategems, can be a death fueled nightmare for people. Able to pretty much solo anything in the game. Supported by a Leviathan... DEATH.
Lastly is the rest of the Assault Corps. The Librarian Dread is there to boost Captain Slam, and if not needed or too far away, he is still a flying dreadnought with the Wings of Sanguinius. Sanguinor and Lemartes boost Slam and the DC/Sanguinary guard. And are combat beasts them selves.

I feel like this list does a good job blending all the toys available without being too OP or too fluffy. It is designed to win missions and handle the various problem lists out there can present it, from massed firepower to flyer wings. Can't wait to run it.