Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quick thought on Apoc Datasheets and "Deployment"

Quick thought on Apoc datasheets.

Look at all the superheavies. None of the weapons are hull, turret or sponson mounted.

Time to convert your Shadowswords boys. Turret mounted Volcano Cannons.

To me this is a major oversight as now WYSIWYG is the primary rule concerning weapon facings rather than spelled out mounting types.

Just something to poitn out.

For "Deployment" for those of you who are steady readers and don't know, I am in the Navy. This coming week I deploy for 9 months. I will get on and blog when I can but don't expect too much from me. And typically book reviews.

HOWEVER Sepulchre is not dead. I have 3 other contributors who should be putting up content occasionally. And after this period of 9 months I should never be away for so long again. So stick with me through the rough times ahead. See you all on the other side.

The Emperor Protects.