Thursday, October 15, 2009

Space Wolves: What it means for Blood Angels 2010 Part 2

Well last post I talked about the assault capacity of Space Wolves over Blood Angels

This week I talk about upgrade ability.

First off: Sagas

These are preety sweet, and with the ability to take 4 HQ choices with a saga a piece, you get to pick and choose the best of them while having a high variety. I personally like Warrior Born, Beast Slayer, Bear and Majesty in that order. I think it is the inner BA in me that places Warrior Born first.

So this though basically lets you custom tailor your HQ choices more then any other army and does not force you to take a named character to still feel like a SW. I have always been against being forced to take Named Characters to play your army like it should be played, SM being the worst with forcing you to take Vulkan or Kantor to feel like you are playing their chapters.

So what does this mean for BA? Well I doubt I get anything like sagas, but there should definately be a way to make the normal codex HQs other than the named characters. Either changes to statlines to makes them more assault based or some other abilities or wargear choices.

Speaking of Wargear choices...

Space Wolves have sooooo much. I am hoping the Blood Angels follow them in this. The characters you can make now have so much less wargear flexibility than what was afforded by the old armoury systems. SW seem to make up for that loss some what.

With the combination of Sagas and lots of Wargear, you have alot of potential for making unique characters in the new SW codex, and Sagas really do capture the feel of being a glory hound that SW should have.

With that being said, I hope to see the same in the new Blood Angels codex and have some great depth of character added to the masters of the 9th Legion.