Thursday, October 11, 2018

A Modest Proposal - Harlequins

I have a couple of modest proposals to put forth for the masters of fashion. 

Interesting possible changes, probably none of them will happen.

1. Re-purpose some Models

I've said this before and I'll say it again, they're left and right pistol arms in the Troupe kit. Ergo you could easily make a really cool gunslinger unit. Small elite unit 3-5, give them a rule that lets them shoot twice and/or lets them shoot into combat with a penalty or something. But otherwise done.

Another option is to take a play from Custodes, just give a option for a HQ Skyweaver. Just play around with some stats, add character, done.

Past that it gets tricky, you'd have to make new models or upgrade sprues. You could try and port things like DE Beasts, but that really isn't the kind of clowns GW has written Harlequins to be.

2. Make a new kit

Mimes used to be a thing. They were a elite close-combat unit that could sneak around. While another CC unit isn't really needed in Quins, a infiltrating unit is. Give them a infiltrate rule and something that focuses on defensive abilities instead of close combat. So that they are more/different then just Troupes' that can infiltrate.

Never Saw It Coming

But we can't stop there. If Quins get a new kit, clearly it should be a dual kit. Right?

So lets go with different arms with guns, possibly shuriken carbines. I'm not saying Harlequin Dire Avengers....... but..... Harlequin Dire Avengers.

3. Weapon Changes

Star Bolas are just a bad option. They need to change somehow. I wouldn't mind them going back to limited use weapons or even getting a price increase, but something like just being assault d3 would make them tempting. Which is kind of all I'm asking for.

Embraces should go back to being different. They used to have a few hits that always-hit-first, but at a sacrifice of normal close combat attacks being slaps. Something similar, or maybe even use that "on-a-turn they charge, they clause 1 mortal wound a 6+" rule that gets thrown around.

I would say Prism Cannon, but I got a plan for that.

4. Voidweavers

Aren't great right now, they really never were. The only real change is that they aren't physically required anymore...... bright-side?

Anyways, a simple thing to do is give them the "Grinding Advance/Pulsed Laser Discharge" rule. The one that lets you shoot the main weapon twice if you moved half your total distance or less.

Other then that, maybe give them a boast to the Prismatic Cannons range and a little bit of a points increase to compensate.

They really just need to be a justifiable anti-tank option to be taken instead of Skyweavers.

5. Also Do Something About Skyweavers

Something needs to be done about Skyweavers armed with Haywire. They should be a Harlequin dedicated anti-vehicle unit, but they shouldn't be the obvious default anti-tank option for every Eldar faction.

They are just to good as a anit-tank unit..... and anti-alot of things in general. Internally they're just terribly balanced, hayweavers just shouldn't be competing with every other option in my codex for every purpose.

And I don't want to come across as someone defending the shitty Knight meta right now (hopefully something happens there via chapter approved). But I just don't want to have a fad unit everyone tells me I should be playing more of.

Ideally haywire just need to change to str 3 or go back to d3 shots. But I'm betting Chapter Approved 2 is just going to increase points somewhere, hopefully just the gun so that it doesn't screw over the unit.