Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Custodes Beta Rules Review: Part 3- The Heavy Support

Over the next few days I will be breaking down the Adeptus Custodes Beta Rules for Warhammer 40k that were released last month. You can download them here (for free) if you haven't had the chance to check them out yet.
Part Three below will discuss the Heavy Support Choices.
Part One covered the Elites Choices. Part Two covered Fast Attacks. Part Four will go into their Lord of War and Dedicated transport, as well as closing thoughts on the Beta rules.

Caladius Grav Tank

This is another great choice in the Beta IMO. Last time I did a lot of comparison of it to the Pallas Grav-Attack, and really it just out shines the Pallas in every way. Yes it is twice the points, but it outshines TWO Pallas at the same points cost. It has one more T,  nearly double the range with the Accelerator Cannon, more firepower at a higher quality, and degrades at essentially the same point you would lose one complete Pallas (7 T7 wounds vice 8 T6 wounds).
To me the no brainer load out is the Twin Iliastus Accelerator Cannon. Its like a better battle cannon. Add to this its suped up Twin Heavy Bolter (Twin Lastrum Bolt Cannon), and you have a solid support platform. Power of the Machine Spirit means this can stay mobile and be useful, running it in support of jetbikes. Alternatively, with its range it can sit back near an objective with a foot captain nearby and maybe some Sagittarum or a Telemon and just pour on some fire.

But there is another load out... and I would never ever use it. The Twin Arachnus Heavy Blaze Cannon is MORE POINTS than the Accelerator and just A LOT WORSE. What I really don't get is why the TWIN HEAVY version has as many beam shots and LESS RANGE than the Telemon's Arachnus Storm Cannon. I guess it still has double the burst, but just no range. But even double the burst doesn't matter because for 80 points I get TWO Telemon Storm cannons, vice 100 points for one on the Caladius. So for less points, you get more beam shots, same amount of burst, and less range. It just doesn't make sense. To further complicate it, the Twin Arachnus Blaze Cannon on the Pallas has the same number of Beam shots, but half the burst shots? Why? At least their ranges agree.

There is just no world in where you should take the Heavy Blaze over the Accelerator Cannon, especially when compared to the Telemon.

One thing I've liked to do with this is the Overwatch stratagem, blast people away, and then watch them fail the charge because they had to subtract 2 inches from their roll. It is just brutal to see. And then you zoom away next turn and make them wonder why they even tried.

The one thing I wish this had was T8, but it is still good without it, and not a bad anti-armour option at its price point.

I really REALLY wish FW sold the turrets to these tanks as upgrades. I wouldn't mind having both turrets for three of these tanks, but I really don't want 6 hulls to do it.

Telemon Heavy Dreadnought

A true Star of the Custodes Army. While this did get worse from the last Beta, it went down in points and lost the one per army limit, so overall win for the unit on its own. In context of the Army though, he definitely lost ground to the Caladius. A solid all-rounder, but expensive to say the least.

I am note sure what load out I'd take on the Telemon TBH. Magnets for the win there I guess. As discussed above, its Arachnus Storm Cannon is just superior to what you get on the Caladius or the Pallas, so if you want that weapon role in your army, this is the platform for it. If you double down on them, for only 62 more points than a Accelerator Caladius, you get more range, more shots, T8 and a 2+/4+ with a 6+ FNP. You loose speed and PotMS, but you have the range, so not entirely needed.
The Accelerator is decent. Better on the Caladius (a flip there), but much more affordable as a weapon. I wouldn't double up on these, but if you want an all rounder Telemon, one with a Casestus isn't terrible. The Caestus is nice, because it really puts this into the range of killing Knights in combat, especially if you take two and deep strike. I just wish to save points I could take Lastrum Storm Bolters in lieu of the Plasma Projectors. Not that the Projectors are bad, but 30 points for two 8" range weapons isn't that impressive to me. At least they are 2d3 instead of d6 shots. Really, every flamer weapon in the game should move towards that shaped distribution.

What is really nice about it, unlike its Leviathan cousins, is it is ALWAYS base 4 attacks. Makes even a dual shooty version able to handle being assaulted. The fact that Caestus add attacks is just gravy.

Sagittarum Custodes

I want to like these guys more. But they suffer in the same way the Pyrithite and Adrasite Spears do. They are more foot custodes when I've already had to spend 500 points on other foot custodes. If you are open to allies, you may be better served taking some primaris marines instead.
But the unit isn't bad per se. A tad expensive, but the fact they are assault weapons is nice, as it allows the squad to remain mobile. Add to that the dual profile and ability to shoot both (albeit at minus one to hit) and you have a decent little fire support squad good at taking out all forms of infantry. That objective just outside your deployment zone? They are perfect to go grab it turn one or two and defend it the rest of the game.

This is probably the one squad of Custodes I'd forgo misericordia on. Maybe take one just so they have some AP when they get charged, but ideally there is some things nearby that can come support, like a shield captain or dreadnought. Or Jetbikes than can race back.
I think this squad would have been more interesting and useful as a troop choice with some sort of restriction. Maybe 1 per custodian guard squad or min squad size of 5 instead of 3 (making it a tough choice from a points perspective) or both? But honestly, at 165 for 3 of them in the HS spot, I am more likely to spring for other units. They'd aren't terrible, but like everything in Custodes you are faced with the question- why take them when you can take more Jetbikes?

The real lamentable thing- in 30k this squad has ANOTHER heavy weapon option. And FW still hasn't made that part... I'm afraid we will get finalized 40k rules for this AND THEN that weapon will come out.

That is it for part three! Tell us what you think in the comments below and come back for tomorrow where we discuss the Lord of War and Dedicated Transport, as well as some closing thoughts in Part Four!